12 Best Sites to Convert Articles into Videos That Truly Impress

It is currently essential to keep up with the latest trends in the content industry. One trend that has gained significant traction for content creators in recent years is the use of video marketing to promote products and services. Video marketing is an effective way to interact with audiences and quickly grab their attention.

However, creating video content from scratch can be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful. That’s why video-to-video tools and websites have become increasingly popular. These sites allow you to quickly and easily turn your articles into engaging videos, without requiring any technical skills or equipment. In this article, we will take a look at the 11 best sites for converting articles to videos.

The 12 Best Sites for Converting an Article into a Professional Video

There are several sites and online tools available that enable you to convert text or articles into videos. Whether you want to create a video on YouTube to profit without showing your face, make promotional videos for products in affiliate marketing, or provide content on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, this list will certainly suffice for the purpose. Let’s start with these wonderful sites:


Pictory has made a major breakthrough in content creation and YouTube. It enables you to convert articles into professional videos using high-quality video clips from the paid site StoryBlocks. StoryBlocks features a vast library of high-quality videos covering various topics, enriching your video in a great way.

What sets Pictory apart is the ability to edit your video scenes by adding external video clips or choosing from Story Blocks‘ library. The site also offers a selection of templates for your field and topic, adding vitality to your video. Pictory provides natural commentary voices, allowing you to make videos without your face or voice appearing, thanks to artificial intelligence-generated voices in various languages.

The standout feature of Pictory is the ability to add an external commentary voice with precise audio coordination, creating a smooth and natural viewing experience. Additionally, the site allows you to upload, download, and obtain the transcription and translation files, saving you effort, time, and money.

Pictory stands out as the top choice for anyone wanting to convert an article into a video and create professional YouTube videos without appearing on camera or using their own voice.


Invideo is a well-known site for converting texts and articles into videos. This platform has dominated the video industry in recent years, offering a plethora of features and tools to create special videos for YouTube or social media in various fields.

Invideo boasts a vast library of pre-prepared templates covering almost all conceivable fields. Its standout feature is the ease of converting text or articles into videos with just a few clicks. The site also provides a huge library of visual effects and distinctive transitions between scenes.


Lumen5 is a distinguished site that converts articles into beautiful videos using a set of professional templates. The site allows you to add a personal touch by selecting images and videos for the background, matching the topic within the video. Additionally, Lumen5 provides options for adding background music and professional transitions between scenes.

The website includes large sections with over 5 million high-quality images and videos from free and paid sites, enhancing the attractiveness and professionalism of your video.


Canva has become an essential tool for online work, offering the ability to design and create various content, including videos. While Canva does not have a direct tool to convert text to video, you can leverage its features and tools to transform your text or article into a professional video within minutes.


Convert2video is a specialized site that converts images, sounds, texts, and articles into simple videos. The platform offers easy steps to convert sentences, texts, and paragraphs from your article into a visually appealing video. It provides various editing tools, such as adding background music, choosing timing and colors, and incorporating distinctive images and videos, all free of charge.

Fliki AI

Fliki AI is a beautiful website offering the service of converting articles or texts into attractive videos with 100% natural commentary voices. The site provides over 700 natural voice comments in more than 70 languages, allowing you to create professional videos and podcast clips effortlessly.

Fliki AI enables you to use multiple commentary voices within the same video, making it enjoyable for creating podcast videos in any field or topic.


Vidnamipro is a site that pioneered the idea of converting articles into videos with just a few clicks. It gained popularity around five or six years ago and remains a leader in the field. Many YouTube channels have used this inspiring website to create their videos.


Wave.video is a site filled with distinctive tools for professional video editing and recording. It offers various tools for live video recording, creating thumbnails, producing videos for social media with attractive text movements, and turning articles into professional videos. Simply input the article link or paste the text, and within minutes, the site transforms it into an attractive video using high-quality videos and images.


Elai utilizes artificial intelligence to create videos, allowing you to make videos without your face appearing. The site features AI characters that speak on your behalf in a distinctive way. It offers specialized tools for converting articles into attractive videos, whether you want a voiceover or not.

Elai also provides access to voice-over services, such as recording your voice and converting it into an artificial intelligence voice, establishing a link with the Descript site.


Gliacloud is a professional site that uses artificial intelligence to create videos with beauty and mastery. The platform offers various services for content creators, including the ability to convert articles into videos within minutes. It contains an extensive collection of visual media from distinctive video clips, making your videos more lively and aligned with the topic.

Additionally, Gliacloud features a unique tool that summarizes any article into a paragraph, highlighting the main points in an amazing way. The site is ideal for creating short videos for use on YouTube and social media platforms.

Tyle Motion

Tyle Motion is a site that excels in converting text or articles into simple, attractive videos with animations and movements. The platform allows you to create scenes with attention-grabbing text movements, making it perfect for delivering a text message in a visually appealing way, whether for commercial or educational purposes.

Tyle Motion lets you export the video in different dimensions suitable for various platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more.


FlexClip is an AI-powered video maker that has revolutionized the way people create and share videos. This powerful tool uses advanced technology to help users create engaging videos in a matter of minutes.

Some of its key features:

  • AI Text-to-Video, Blog-to-Video and Script-to-Video
  • AI Auto Subtitles and AI Text-to-Speech : 140+ Languages, 400+ Voices
  • AI Image Generator: Transform Words into Stunning Image
  • Team management: Enable users to view and edit all projects in the workspace
  • Speed Curve: Create a dramatic fast forward effect
  • Millions of Royalty-free Stock Media including photos, videos, and music
  • 5000+ exquisitely designed video templates in diverse categories

Try it at  https://www.flexclip.com/.

Benefits of Converting an Article into a Video

  1. Reaching the Audience Faster:
  • Video content is faster and better for sharing on social networking sites and YouTube, encouraging likes, comments, and shares.
  1. The Best Way to Attract Attention is Interaction:
  • Visual content is more effective in conveying information compared to written content, fostering a better understanding of the video’s content or topic.
  1. Faster Discovery:
  • Videos on platforms like YouTube tend to bring views faster than articles on the same topic, contributing to better SEO results.
  1. Wider Content Reach:
  • Converting articles into videos accelerates audience reach, with one video easily shareable across various platforms, leading to increased views and interactions.

Can I Convert an Article into a Video to Earn Money from YouTube?

Yes, you can convert articles into YouTube videos to monetize your content. Ensure your content is original and not copyrighted. Utilize the mentioned tools or explore freelancing sites like Fiverr and Up

Work to hire professional services for converting articles into high-quality and professionally edited videos.

If you opt for artificial intelligence voiceover services, some platforms like Pictory provide this feature, while others, like Murf AI, offer natural voices in various languages. Ensuring your video is professional involves using high-resolution images and videos, natural-sounding voiceovers, sound effects, transitions between scenes, and background music.

Final Thoughts

These 11 sites offer a variety of options for turning articles into engaging videos. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or someone looking to transform your articles into videos, these platforms can help you save time and effort.

By leveraging these sites, you can transform your articles into dynamic videos that not only capture your audience’s attention but also enhance your online presence and potentially lead to monetization opportunities.

Benefits of Converting an Article into a Video

  1. Reaching the Audience Faster:
    • Video content spreads quickly on social media platforms, YouTube, and other video-sharing sites, encouraging likes, comments, and shares.
  2. The Best Way to Attract Attention is Interaction:
    • Visual content is more effective in conveying information, making it easier for viewers to understand the content or topic presented in the video compared to written articles.
  3. Faster Discovery:
    • Videos often gain views faster than articles on the same topic, contributing to better SEO results. This is particularly relevant for content creators on YouTube.
  4. Wider Content Reach:
    • Converting articles into videos accelerates audience reach, as a single video can be shared across multiple platforms, resulting in increased views and interactions.

Can I Convert an Article into a Video to Earn Money from YouTube?

Yes, you can monetize your content on YouTube by converting articles into videos, provided the content is original and not copyrighted. Utilize the mentioned tools or consider hiring professional services on freelancing platforms for high-quality video production.

In summary, the process involves creating professional videos with high-resolution visuals, natural voiceovers, sound effects, transitions, and background music. This comprehensive approach enhances the overall appeal and elegance of your video content.

In conclusion, these 11 sites offer diverse and effective solutions for transforming articles into captivating videos. Whether you are a content creator, marketer, or someone looking to enhance your online presence, these platforms provide valuable tools and resources to make the process efficient and engaging.

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