13 Best Alternatives to Uncrate: Discover Sites Like Uncrate for Men’s Gear and Gadgets

When it comes to finding an expert guide for men where you can get a piece of gear, cars, style, shelter, and such categories altogether, not all the platforms can be trusted because, well, not all of them are guaranteed to satisfy your quality and budget terms. 

Yet, when it comes to some sites like Uncrate, you get a guarantee for all these categories, and since we were talking about one of the world’s best platforms for apparel, gear, and automobiles, it is highly unlikely you will be left unsatisfied. 

Overall, Uncrate is a reliable shopping platform for men, but we all know it can’t amuse and everyone, and for the same reason – we have mentioned a list of the top sites like Uncrate currently thriving in the market, right below, in this article.

List of Sites like Uncrate:

1. Gear Patrol

Gear Patrol

Try Gear Patrol

Gear Patrol is one of the best names mentioned in this article – an award-winning publication and brand that covers a good variety of products for enthusiasts. 

At Gear Patrol, they have experts reviewing the best in watches outdoors, style, cars, and more categories – and give you all the information and products you need to outshine your opponent. 

Key Highlights

  • Every section comes with a bunch of guides and topics you can explore, like, under the watches section, it has guides like field watches, watches under $1000, and such. 
  • ‘Today In Gear’ is a special section on its website that keeps you updated about all the latest news you need to know about gears specifically. 

2. This Is Why I’m Broke

This Is Why I’m Broke

Try This Is Why I’m Broke

Now, This Is Why I’m Broke doesn’t directly offer you products, but is a well-known and trusted platform to find trending gift ideas in a good bunch of categories.

For instance, you can find multiple gift ideas and blogs, like – 44 supervise wishing gifts, 35 freewheeling gifts for bus drivers, and many more on this site. 

Key Highlights

  • Every product listed in its guide comes with a product line where you can check it out with just one click.
  • The number of saves mentioned with every item will give you an idea of how trending the product is.  

3. Cool Material 

Cool Material

Try Cool Material

Cool Material is another interesting platform, providing you with a men’s guide in a good bunch of trending categories, including fashion, gear, lifestyle, and more.

Overall, Cool Material acts as a lifestyle magazine for me and mostly covers the best and latest products you get in the trending and important categories.

Key Highlights

  • The platforms offer a big list of subcategories, including sports, outdoors, goods, tools, watches, jewelry, clothing, shopping, accessories, home, entertainment, food, health drinks, transportation, travel, and more. 
  • The ‘Steals’ section on its website comes with a good assortment of deals that are hard to miss, with branded products going up to 50% off regularly, 

4. Duluth Trading Company 

Duluth Trading Company

Try Duluth Trading Company

Duluth Trading Company, founded in 1986, is one of the most trusted clothing and guiding companies presented in this article.

Founded in Wisconsin, the US, the brand has over 60 locations in total as of 2023 analysis, and claims to have pride in their craftsmanship for durable and functional gear.

Moreover, it offers gear for both genders and is one of the few brands offering services for both males and females in this article. 

Key Highlights

  • The brand is committed to quality and offers special guarantees and supports superior standards.
  • There is always a clearance sale available all the time of the year on its platform.

5. Cool Tools 

Cool Tools

Try Cool Tools

Cool Tools, as the name says, is especially focusing on different types of tools, and to be more precise – it acts as a one-stop shopping destination for all those interested in jewelry-making tools and supplies.

Moreover, Cool Tools has some actually cool and exciting collections to boost your productivity and creativity, like tools made of polymer clay, metal clay, enamel, and more. 

Key Highlights

  • The brand is transparent enough to show you reviews and star ratings by customers on its website.
  • It supports 1-day shipping for all the orders placed before noon from Monday to Friday.

6. The Gadgeteer

The Gadgeteer

Try The Gadgeteer

The Gadgeteer, as the name suggests, is a platform offering news and reviews for several types of gadgets, and have been in this field since 1997.

At The Gadgeteer, one can find reviews, updates, articles, deals updates, news, and more on categories like 3D printers, gaming gear, TVs, and more. 

Key Highlights

  • You are allowed to leave a comment under every article and review in case of any query or issue.
  • The majority of the content gets updated often, and even if it didn’t, you can check by the exact update date mentioned right below the title. 

7. Gizmodo


Try Gizmodo

Gizmodo is specifically for those invested in technology, science, design, and science fiction categories. 

Founded in 2001, Gizmodo also seemed to involve sub-blogs like Earther and io9, which are meant to mainly focus on environmentalism and pop culture. 

Key Highlights

  • The platform is available in a good bunch of languages like English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Polish, and more.
  • It has its own cool merchandise collection, where you can find stickers, T-shirts, tote bags, caps, mugs, and such items.

8. SkyMall 


Try SkyMall

SkyMall claims to be America’s favorite online shopping catalog — a specialty publishing firm in many departments like appliances, tools, home, electronics, home improvement, music, voice, sports, and more. 

With over 30 years of experience in this field, SkyMall has trending and important featured collections to present, with the majority of the products priced at discounted rates.

Key Highlights

  • You get free shipping and orders above only $50.
  • It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and service. 

9. Tie Bar

Tie Bar

Try Tie Bar

Tie Bar, founded in 2004, is another one-stop destination for browsing designer menswear, where it mainly deals with good quality bow ties, ties, dress shirts, socks, and more, at affordable prices. 

At Tie Bar, you can not only find some quality and statement pieces but it also has specialized sections for wedding items, accessories, and more.

Key Highlights

  • There is always a sale available on its platform, where the offers usually go up to 50% off.
  • It allows you to shop by trending colors, with beautiful shades of navy, light blue, teal, dark green, light purple, dusty rose, burgundy, burnt orange, ivory, and more. 

10. Frank & Oak 

Frank & Oak

Try Frank & Oak

Now, Frank & Oak here is something different from what you have been reading all this time – the only company and site mentioned in this article that majorly concentrates on sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Overall, Frank & Oak is a sustainable denim brand that uses organic and recycled materials only to manufacture from leading technologies and processes currently trending in the industry. 

In addition to that, Frank & Oak is known to serve both genders, with a big list of departments like sweaters, dresses, pants, skirts, accessories, cardigans, blazers, jackets, denim, shorts, and more featured collections. 

Key Highlights

  • Sales at Frank & Oak help you save a ton, where you usually get up to 70% off, and more mega deals.
  • You get free returns and free shipping on all orders above only $79.
  • Its accessories department brings in a good variety of sections like shoes, slippers, boots, bags, scarves, gloves, and hats.

11. Indochino 


Try Indochino

Indochino is another popular brand, a made-to-measure menswear retail store that provides personalized suiting, outerwear, and casual wear.

Founded in 2007 and with over 75 locations as of October 2021, the label is widespread across a few countries like Australia, Canada, and the US. 

Additionally, both genders can enjoy a big list of departments and subsections, like blazers, suits, outerwear, shirts, pants, and more. 

Key Highlights

  • The accessory category brings in a good blend of sections like cufflinks, tie clips, ties, pocket squares, and more. 
  • You will always find a sale ongoing on its website where you can save up to 20% and 30% on a regular basis. 

12. Werd 


Try Werd

Werd is another one of the guiding sites we talked about at the start, specially made for men — where you can search for men’s product guides featuring some of the best menswear and gear. 

Overall, Werd claims to help you navigate around what you should be wearing and carrying for so and so function, on your special day, on an occasion, and such.

Key Highlights

  • Both the guides for clothing and gear come separately, each supporting its expertise in a near and informative manner.
  • Both categories have content for different subsections, like the clothing department comes with sections like  — accessories, basics, jackets, shorts, sweaters, shorts, and more. 

Final Words 

You will surely find plenty of Uncrate alternatives in the market, but if you want to trust only the most reliable and old titles, then the above-mentioned list has everything you need. 

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and hope our list of the top sites like Uncrate was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are other websites like Uncrate?

Gear Patrol, This Is Why I’m Broke, Cool Material, SkyMall, Tie Bar, Frank & Oak, Indochino, and Werd are a few of the other websites like Uncrate for buying the quality products at the best deals and staying updated with the latest news and reviews. 

Are there more Uncrate alternatives?

Yes, there are plenty of Uncrate alternatives currently trending in the market, but some of the best ones are – Frank & Oak, Indochino, Gear Patrol, SkyMall, Tie Bar, Werd, This Is Why I’m Broke, and Cool Material.

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