7 Best Free VR Apps for Android

Virtual reality (VR) is an exciting new technology that allows users to experience immersive 3D environments through headsets and smartphones. As VR devices become more affordable and widespread, people are looking for great VR content to enjoy.

Fortunately, there are some fantastic free VR apps available for Android phones that work with or without a headset. These apps provide incredibly fun and engaging VR worlds and experiences ranging from games to educational content and more.

In this article, we will cover the 7 best free VR apps for Android that you should download now to start exploring virtual worlds on your phone. For each app, we’ll overview what it offers, key features, and why you should check it out. Let’s dive in!


YouTube is the world’s largest video platform and also a great source for free VR content viewable right on your Android phone. The YouTube app lets you switch any standard video into VR mode for an immersive 360 viewing experience as if you were right inside the video.

To activate VR mode, start playing any 360 degree VR-formatted video, then tap the VR icon in the bottom right and insert your phone into a headset if you have one. You’ll suddenly find yourself inside amazing VR worlds without any downloads or sign-ups required.

From space travel to rollercoasters and nature documentaries filmed with 360 cameras, YouTube has endless VR video content to explore. It’s the easiest way to casually try VR on Android and see some incredible sights from the comfort of your headset.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is one of the most popular entryways into VR on Android. After ordering a cheap Google Cardboard headset online, download the Cardboard app on Google Play to start enjoying basic VR experiences on your phone.

The Cardboard app offers a variety of immersive demos that showcase VR in different ways like touring exotic locations or watching animated stories. You can also use Cardboard to view any VR content on YouTube, offering plenty to see and interact with in virtual worlds.

For new VR users testing the waters on Android, Cardboard is a perfect starting point before committing to pricier headsets. As Google’s own stripped-down VR viewer paired with great demo content on the app, it makes trying basic mobile VR quick and inexpensive.

VR XRacer

If you’re looking for a fun, fast-paced VR game on your Android, VR XRacer fits the bill. This futuristic racing game puts you behind the wheel of anti-gravity vehicles blazing along at extreme speeds through a trilogy of tournaments against challenging opponents.

You race on spectacular alien planets with bright colors and strange physics that intensify the competition. With responsive controls and vibrant 3D visuals optimized for VR, it feels like an immersive AAA racing title made for much pricier headsets.

Yet as a free download, VR XRacer offers premium production values you don’t expect. If you want an exhilarating, no frills VR racing experience on Android that feels like a true console-quality game, install VR XRacer.

VR Space

For astronomy lovers seeking stellar VR sights, Galaxy VR Space is unbeatable. This education app transforms your Android phone into a portal transporting you to outer space itself.

Once inside VR Space, you can observe cosmic objects in our solar system up-close, travel between planets and moons, and play space-themed games. With gorgeous graphics and relaxing music, it’s a breathtaking VR trip through the Milky Way that’s both dazzling and informative.

The app helpfully labels everything you see with facts and figures so you learn about space while immersed inside it. If you want a casual but meaningful tour of galaxies from the comfort of your VR headset, download Galaxy VR Space.

FullDrive VR 

Moving down our lineup of top VR apps for Android, we come to FullDive VR. Tailored for users of Cardboard and similar VR headsets, FullDive VR serves as a social platform, facilitating quick access to an extensive array of video content.

Among its features are a VR video player, seamless integration with YouTube, a VR web browser, a camera, a VR gallery, and even a VR marketplace for discovering other VR apps. This positions it as a crucial hub for enthusiasts of Google Cardboard, particularly considering the device’s waning popularity and the challenge of finding fresh content. The price tag of $0.99 for the complete version is reasonable.

InCell VR 

This educational game for kids is designed to impart fundamental concepts about the human body and its cells in an engaging manner. Set in the futuristic year of 2100, Incell VR invites players to step into the shoes of a human defender.

As the protagonist, players are tasked with navigating the entirety of the human body, warding off the flu virus after undergoing a miniaturization process to fit within the body’s confines. Throughout this immersive experience, players gain insights into human biology.

Assuming the role of a 2100s-era human defender who has been miniaturized to operate within the human body, your objective is to traverse the intricate terrain, combat the flu virus, and acquire knowledge about human biology.

The game offers an enjoyable and visually striking experience, complemented by captivating sound design. Additionally, users have the option to switch to non-VR mode by simply pressing their finger against the screen, allowing them to explore the game without virtual reality.


Lastly, PhET VR brings the educational simulations of the University of Colorado to vivid life in virtual reality on Android. If you want to learn physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and more while immersed in engaging VR environments, PhET VR excels.

This app ports the school’s highly-acclaimed interactive science lessons into stunning VR. You can play with forces and motion, build molecules, run chemical reactions, explore circuit boards, and tons more, all visualized inside detailed 3D models you can touch and alter yourself.

For students seeking an extra immersive educational edge or anyone curious about how VR can make science subjects more exciting and hands-on, PhET VR is a marvelous free experience not to miss.


Those were the 7 best free VR apps on Android offering awesome and varied virtual worlds you can dive into on your phone right now. Whether wanting to sample basic VR, race futuristic vehicles, stroll through space and art, destress with meditation, or boost scientific knowledge, these apps have you covered.

Just download some onto your Android, pop your phone into a Google Cardboard viewer or other headset, and enjoy VR worlds that educationally entertain or simply provide needed escapism without any cost. With mobile VR becoming so affordable and content-rich, it’s the perfect time to start exploring new realities from the convenience of your smartphone.

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