A fan remake of Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit that you’ll love!

Who remembers Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble? Not me anyway, because I didn’t have a Game Gear at the time. But if you’ve heard of this game (also called Sonic & Tails 2) released in 1994, then you’ll be happy to know that a fan has made an absolute remake of it.

And this remake can run on your Windows PC, Mac, and even your Android smartphone. In this 16-bit opus of Sonic, Dr. Robotnik and his acolytes had to be stopped. Indeed, Dr. Robotnik has managed to gather 6 of the precious Chaos Emeralds. However, due to an accident, emeralds find themselves scattered around the world.

Knuckles, deceived once again by Eggman, misunderstands Sonic and Tails’ intentions, believing that they are trying to get hold of the Emeralds. So he decides to stop them…

It’s a whole program that will take you back to your youth, and it’s not just a ROM in emulation. No, no… Noah N. Copeland, the wonderful human behind this project, has totally recreated the game, keeping the visual aspect of Sonic’s Genesis classic series.

In terms of gameplay, we find everything that has made the success of the Sonic games: very good level design, pleasant handling, and, above all, the possibility of playing with both Sonic and Tails, with the ability to switch between them in real time. New level designs, new enemies, and new tricks with even special 3D levels.

The game supports controllers, and you can choose between a 16:9 modern display, 9:16, or retro 4:3 with obviously a respect for the colors, colors, and sounds faithful to the Sega Genesis.

But that’s not all: inspired by Sonic 3 & Knuckles, the game is enriched with many concepts and mechanics from this familiar universe. And it’s available in more than 10 languages!

You can even download the comic and soundtrack for free here.

In short, whether you are a fan of the saga or simply, like me, curious to discover a revisited version of a video game classic with new graphics and gameplay, don’t miss this fan-remake to download here.

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