A great pCloud promo at -85% for Black Friday 2023!

Here we are, after Halloween it’s Black Friday. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of special offers and finally sign up for the web services you need at a lower cost. Because yes, if you’re planning ahead, this is where you should take advantage of it, because these “digital sales” are often an opportunity for tools to throw out their best promotions of the year. Just like pCloud today!

From November 20 to 26, 2023, pCloud is giving you an exclusive (and limited edition) 3in1 pack: 5TB of storage + pCloud Encryption and pCloud Pass services for life… all with an 85% discount on the usual price. That’s 599€ instead of 4000.

And if this pack doesn’t suit you, a discount of 76% to 85% is applied to classic individual lifetime subscriptions: €139 for the 500 GB plan (instead of 570), €279 for the 2 TB format (instead of 1140) and finally €890 for the 10 TB (instead of 6000). Enough to save money and improve your Christmas 😉 gifts

But what is pCloud again?

pCloud is an online storage service (hence the word Captain Obvious cloud) that aims to be ultra secure and reliable. And in the 10 years that they have been around, we might as well say that Swiss quality is once again there. It’s a service I’ve personally been using for a long time (one of the 19 million customers) and I’ve never been disappointed so far. As much as security is really the strong point, ease of use is not to be outdone.

All your information is end-to-end encrypted (256-bit AES algorithm, TLS/SSL protocol, etc.), you can decide where it is stored (2 dedicated datacenters, in the USA and Luxembourg), several backups are created for each modification (at least 5) and Swiss data protection laws are among the strictest in the world. Of course, they comply with everything related to the GDPR, and have ISO 9001, 27001, etc. standards. Only good points. With the small bonus that the maximum size of a file is not limited (unlike others).

You know me, I like to test loads of stuff left and right, fiddle with different file formats, paste memos everywhere, etc. Well, pCloud allows me to organize everything (text, audio, video, image, PDF, multimedia…) and above all to automatically backup and synchronize from my different machines (pCloud backup). It even supports external services such as Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive or Facebook and has a desktop app (pCloud Drive). You set up the tool and then you forget about it!

As for the 2 lifetime options included in the exclusive pack, you will have access to pCloud Encryption and pCloud Pass.

As its name suggests, the first one is dedicated to social security. It will allow you to encrypt your data directly on your machine, even before you log in to your pCloud account. So you’re the one who will encrypt them locally before sending them, rather than letting pCloud do it for you when uploading. An extra layer of security, as you are the only one who holds the encryption key.

As for pCloud Pass, it’s the new feature of the last few months. Quite simply, it’s a universal password manager that will secure your various login credentials. I’m talking about universal in the sense that it will work with any operating system, browser or device (desktop, mobile, tablet…). You’ll even find an automatic password generator, for those who don’t have imagination or are lazy, or the ability to share some of them with friends.

gestionnaire pCloud pass

So to sum up, pCloud will help you to:

  • Create and remember secure passwords
  • Automatically back up and organize all your files
  • Encrypt your data on the service or directly on your machine
  • Sync your different devices
  • this on any OS (Windows, Linux, macOS/iOS, Android)
  • while complying with the strictest laws regarding the respect of users’ privacy

In their 10 years of existence, they have never been caught at fault. If you want to test the free version, it already offers 10 Gigabytes, which is enough to see how it works.

Take advantage of the exclusive pack at 85% off (or try the free version)

Don’t forget that the offer is only valid between November 21st and 26th, so don’t miss out 😉

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