APISR – Real-Time Anime Upscaling

Like many of you, I was very passionate about 90s manga. In 2024, all those animes from our childhood, such as City Hunter and Saint Seiya, have not aged well. Oh, if only we could improve them to make their graphics up-to-date… Well, good news, it’s possible thanks to the APISR project.

This tool uses various techniques directly inspired by the anime production process to offer truly specialized upscaling for this type of video. APISR selects the frames that are the least compressed and richest in information to create a dataset that will then be used to enhance the images, eliminating degradation artifacts and reworking the distorted or faded lines of the drawings.

And the result is amazing, as you can see here in the demo. It’s great because anime fans will be able to rewatch the classics of their youth with a quality worthy of the best current productions, all in real-time.

While waiting to see these remastered versions thanks to players or tools that do not yet exist, you can already test APISR with the source code available on GitHub or via Huggingface.

Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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