AutoDraw: Unleashing Your Inner Artist with This Transformative Tool!

If you don’t know how to draw, but you feel a crazy creative impulse invading you, Google has released a new tool called AutoDraw, which should please you.

This is a drawing tool that allows you to scribble whatever you want, but thanks to a machine learning system, it will understand what you have drawn and will give you suggestions for artist drawings that are supposed to match yours.

For example, here I drew a cat… (yeah yeah, I know…)

A man using AutoDraw to draw

And as you can see on the upper part of the screen, it suggests a whole bunch of animals… Horses, dogs, cats… etc. I just have to choose the one I like the most…

Example of a drawing made with AutoDraw

This can allow you to design cool little illustrations without the hassle.

To be tested here

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