AutoDraw: Unleashing Your Inner Artist with This Transformative Tool!

If you don’t know how to draw, but you feel a crazy creative impulse invading you, Google has released a new tool called AutoDraw, which should please you.

This is a drawing tool that allows you to scribble whatever you want, but thanks to a machine learning system, it will understand what you have drawn and will give you suggestions for artist drawings that are supposed to match yours.

For example, here I drew a cat… (yeah yeah, I know…)

A man using AutoDraw to draw

And as you can see on the upper part of the screen, it suggests a whole bunch of animals… Horses, dogs, cats… etc. I just have to choose the one I like the most…

Example of a drawing made with AutoDraw

This can allow you to design cool little illustrations without the hassle.

To be tested here

"Because of the Google update, I, like many other blogs, lost a lot of traffic."

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Mohamed SAKHRI
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