Become the Multi-Streaming King with Restreamer: Stream Everywhere!

Do you love streaming Mario on YouTube Live, showcasing your Minecraft skills, and engaging with your community on TikTok, Twitch, Instagram, and more? It’s fantastic, but how can you cater to everyone’s preferences? Switching platforms throughout the day can be quite chaotic.

But what if I told you there’s a solution to this dilemma? Look no further – Restreamer is here to rescue you!

Restreamer is an easy-to-use open-source video server equipped with a sleek interface and API. It’s capable of simultaneously broadcasting your live stream to virtually any video platform in existence, including Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and many others, all without the burden of licensing costs.

Restreamer, the ultimate multi-streaming solution, offers a range of features, such as configuring live video streams, monitoring statistics, bandwidth control, and most importantly, managing multiple video sources. And for those curious, yes, if you’re a Twitch Partner, you can go live simultaneously on mobile platforms like TikTok or Instagram, though not on YouTube Live.

Notably, Restreamer supports various streaming protocols like RTMP, RTSP, HLS, DASH, and SRT, and it’s compatible with Linux, macOS, Windows, Raspberry Pi, and similar small computing devices.

To set up Restreamer, ensure you have Docker installed on your system, then execute the following command in your terminal to download and run the Restreamer Docker image:

docker run -d --restart=always --name restreamer \ -p 8080:8080 -p 8181:8181 -p 1935:1935 --privileged \ datarhei/restreamer:latest

Best of all, Restreamer is entirely free under the Apache 2.0 license, making it suitable for both private and commercial use. You can download the latest version directly from the official website.

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Curious to see it in action? Check out the demo here. (Username: admin / Password: demo)

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