Boost the privacy and speed of your site with OMGF

OMGF” stands for “Optimize My Google Fonts,” and it is a WordPress plugin designed to help you retrieve and host all the Google Fonts used on your website on your server. This offers numerous advantages, as it allows you to capitalize on Google’s fonts while minimizing external requests to their servers. Consequently, your site will load faster, and cache management will be improved. Moreover, from a GDPR standpoint.

Once installed, there’s nothing more to do. The plugin automatically identifies Google Fonts in your theme and plugins and caches them. It is then up to you to decide whether to fine-tune the upstream loading (pre-loading) of specific fonts in your CSS. Additionally, if certain fonts are unused, the plugin automatically unloads them.

However, OMGF goes beyond these functionalities; it boasts several other features under the hood. These include support for variable fonts, automatic removal of unused subsets to reduce your CSS by nearly 90%, clearing calls pointing to or, and much more. Notably, the OMGF Pro version offers additional features such as multi-site support and a “Dig Deeper” feature for even more refined optimization.

If you’re interested in trying it out, you can find it on the WordPress plugin store by clicking here.

Mohamed SAKHRI
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