Boost Your SSH Connections with QUIC

Do you know quicssh?

Well, it’s a QUIC proxy that promises to revolutionize the way we connect to an SSH server.

For those who don’t know, QUIC is a transport protocol that aims to improve the speed of connections and security on the Internet. For the more experienced users, it may remind you of the time when you discovered TCP/IP… lol

The standard architecture of an SSH connection works like this:

With quicssh, there’s no need to modify the client or the server since everything is managed by the QUIC proxy. So, to use quicssh, just run the client and server commands with the preferred options, and your SSH connection will go through QUIC like this:

To install it, enter the following command:

go get -u

Well, that’s as simple as that! For everything else, I invite you to read the documentation.

The difference in speed between a traditional SSH client and Quicssh is quite remarkable. I invite you to conduct your own tests, but be aware that Quicssh is a relatively young project, so expect some bugs. However, you can also expect to see it improve in the coming weeks…

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