ChatGPT can create biological weapons, and the UK is worried

Terrorists can use ChatGPT to design biological weapons, and the UK takes this potential threat very seriously.

Artificial intelligence has remarkable capabilities; however, criminals can misuse them. Using ChatGPT to create biological weapons is an example. World leaders will soon meet to consider this potential threat.

The authorities engage in extensive discussions with experts in AI technology. The result of these recent discussions is a growing concern about the misuse of artificial intelligence. Consequently, the authorities are considering stricter regulations to mitigate this threat.

Recall that just last week, a computer science researcher issued a historic letter calling for a moratorium on the development of powerful AI systems. However, the ambivalence of the main players in the field poses a problem. Privately, they agree with the idea of this moratorium, but the race for artificial intelligence would prevent them.

AI Security Summit in the UK: British authorities are concerned about the power of the next generation of technological advances. People close to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak fear that chatbots like ChatGPT could help individual criminals or terrorists create biological weapons.

British officials are visiting many countries in the lead-up to a summit on AI security at Bletchley Park next November. The aim of this global meeting is to agree on joint action to raise awareness of the dangers of artificial intelligence.

Misuses of technology can have catastrophic consequences, such as mass destruction or massacres.

On the other hand, the choice of Bletchley Park to host this summit is not insignificant. As a reminder, the site was the British decryption center during the Second World War. It is, therefore, a strong symbol for discussing new technological threats.

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ChatGPT to create biological weapons—is it feasible? The British Prime Minister’s Office coined the term ‘Frontier AI.’ This term refers to all the most advanced AI systems capable of posing serious security problems. Generative models that can endanger human life are also included.

Research into artificial reasoning is progressing rapidly. The British authorities want to take control before things spiral out of control.

US Senators Sound the Alarm on Dangers of AI, Focusing on Biological Attack: Remember that just last year, an AI model took only 6 hours to suggest 40,000 different, potentially lethal molecules. In this catalog, some come close to the most powerful nerve agent ever created, VX, in terms of dangerousness. The British authorities are, therefore, right to be concerned.

This potential threat concerns the great powers of the world. British officials believe that to achieve collective action, we must focus on non-state actors. The upcoming summit is not about trying to dictate how countries develop their own technology.

In the meantime, the United Kingdom is sparing no effort to protect itself from the abuses of the use of artificial intelligence. A £100 million package was recently released to form a working group to evaluate AI models as they are developed.

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