Chisel – The TCP/UDP Secure Tunnel via HTTP and SSH

If you want to bypass firewalls like a ‘magic banana’ passing through walls, or if you wish to expose one of your web services or development projects outside your network, you need the same thing as El Chapo, namely, a reliable tunnel!

And not just any tunnel: an HTTP/Socks tunnel!

For this purpose, I’m introducing you to Chisel today: a TCP/UDP tunneling tool written in Go, which is fast, secure, and runs through HTTP via SSH. You can use it to circumvent firewalls, access your own services not available via the web, or employ it in your penetration testing missions

To perform a quick test, you can deploy Chisel on a server using Docker as follows:

docker run --name chisel -p 9312:9312 -d --restart always jpillora/chisel server -p 9312 --socks5

The Socks5 protocol allows access via websockets when HTTP proxies are unsupported by your tools. You also need to install Chisel on the client side. You can do this using the following command (or by downloading the binary from here):

curl! | bash

Once installed, initiate Chisel in client mode by replacing IP_SERVER with the IP address of your machine hosting Chisel in server mode:

chisel client -v IP_SERVER:9312 socks

After establishing the secure tunnel, all you need to do is configure your tools, such as your browser, to route through your server. This setup allows access to all your services on your remote local network.

Set and port 1080 as the Socks server, and you’re all set!

Find out more here.

Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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