Chrome-GPT: AI-Powered Browser Control and Automation

Imagine how amazing it would be to have an AI agent take a little internet journey on your behalf, doing the work for you! While Auto-GPT can certainly do this to some extent, a project known as Chrome-GPT takes it to the next level by gaining complete control over Google Chrome.

With Chrome-GPT, you can browse the internet, retrieve information, and perform various tasks without lifting a finger. It’s truly remarkable!

To give you a glimpse of its capabilities, Chrome-GPT harnesses technologies like Langchain and Selenium, offering features such as Google search, long-term and short-term memory management, and more. Additionally, it integrates Auto-GPT agents, BabyAGI, or even a Zero-Shot learning system, making it one of the most powerful AI tools available today.

This software can describe webpage content, scroll to specific elements, click buttons and links, fill out forms, and switch between tabs. You can use it to search for information, register on websites, or even make online purchases – the possibilities are endless!

And here’s the exciting part: the developers are actively working on integrating Chrome plugins to further expand the tool’s functionality. If you’re into this kind of technology, it’s a game-changer!

Installation is a breeze. Just open a terminal and run the following commands:

git clone cd Chrome-GPT poetry install poetry shell export OPENAI_API_KEY=<YOUR_OPENAI_API_KEY>

Then, launch the tool like this:

python -m chromegpt -v -t "And now you can ask it anything you want

Or, if you want to use GPT-4 instead of GPT-3.5 turbo and specify the agent you prefer (Baby AGI, Auto-GPT, Zero-Shot), use the -a parameter:

python -m chromegpt -v -a auto-gpt -m gpt-4 -t "your query"

Here are the available parameters:

Usage: python -m chromegpt [OPTIONS] Run ChromeGPT: An AutoGPT agent that interacts with Chrome Options: -t, --task TEXT The task to execute [required] -a, --agent [auto-gpt|baby-agi|zero-shot] The agent type to use -m, --model TEXT The model to use --headless Run in headless mode -v, --verbose Run in verbose mode --human-in-loop Run in human-in-loop mode, only available when using auto-gpt agent --help Show this message and exit.

Chrome-GPT excels in managing both long-term and short-term memory, ensuring that it retains the necessary information without forgetting any crucial details. In summary, it’s a valuable asset for AI enthusiasts and budding procrastinators like myself.

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You can explore it further here.

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