City Game Studio – Create Your Video Game Studio!

Do you dream of creating your own video game development studio?

With City Game Studio, immerse yourself in the role of an entrepreneur launching their first development studio in the 1970s and grow it to prosperity today! You’ll need to manage all aspects of your business, from recruitment to game design to marketing. Of course, at the beginning, you’ll work in a tiny office solo, then with a small team, but as you rack up successes, you can expand your premises, hire more people, and improve your games into AAA titles, inevitably ^^.

One of the most exciting aspects of City Game Studio is being able to design your own games from A to Z. You choose a genre (RPG, FPS, platformer…), a theme (medieval, sci-fi, horror…), then create gameplay with your own graphics… and as you progress, you’ll unlock new features to create even more impressive games.

Even if your games are exceptional (who doubts it?), initially, you won’t have enough fans to release them yourself. So, you’ll need to rely on publishers who will take a large share of the profits. To free yourself from this constraint, you’ll need to string together successes and build a community of loyal players. Then, you can offer your own publishing contracts and dominate the market (and have a villa with a pool built for yourself!).

City Game Studio stands out for its depth in gameplay and its polished look. It’s developed by Binogure Studio using the Godot game engine, and it combines everything we love, namely the tycoon aspect of video game development and city management simulation.

Obviously, to succeed, it’s essential to take care of your employees. A good meal in a fancy restaurant will boost morale and creativity. You can also send them for training to enhance their skills. And if one of your rivals steals your best talent, you can counterattack by poaching theirs! In short, it’s a war to become the leader of the video game industry, but this employee well-being aspect is really nice, and some real-life studios could take inspiration from it.

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Here are some tips for success in the game:

  • Stay abreast of new trends: popular genres, innovative technologies… Ride the wave to boost your sales.
  • Nurture your reputation: your games receive great reviews? Display them proudly in your premises to impress visitors!
  • Spy on your competitors’ games: this way, you’ll know what they’re up to and can beat them by releasing a similar hit before them.
  • Optimize your team’s skills: a good level designer can save a game with a weak storyline. A talented artist can turn mediocrity into a remarkable video game.

Note that as a former employee of Ubisoft, Xavier Sellier, the founder of Binogure Studio, has spent the last 5 years developing this game, which has garnered nearly 90% positive reviews on Steam.

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