Clean up the waste left by Flatpak with Flatsweep

I was completely ignorant, but obviously, much like on Windows with the famous .exe setup, when you delete a Linux application of the Flatpak type, unfortunately, useless files can linger after deleting applications or even after an update.

It’s crazy!

Well, here’s good news for Flatpak users because there’s a great tool that will make your life easier: Flatsweep.

To begin with, it was designed using GTK4 and Libadwaita, so we are assured of a modern and quality interface for GNOME. That’s a good start.

Furthermore, it is available in many languages, including French, and, most importantly, capable of sweeping your system and eliminating all those unwanted files.

No need to manually search for Flatpak residue since Flatsweep takes care of it for you.

However, a word of caution: if you’re using custom installation paths for Flatpak, be careful, as it can cause problems. But for most of us, Flatsweep should work without a hitch.

Flatsweep is available on Flathub and on Github

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