Cloaker – A tool to encrypt and decrypt your documents on Windows, Linux and Mac

Encryption is fun, and with the many tools available today, it has even become child’s play.

Here is a new one called Cloaker, which happens to be distributed under a free license and allows, through its interface, to encrypt or decrypt any file by dragging and dropping it onto the application.

This portable tool uses the XChaCha20Poly1305 algorithm included in the libsodium library and is based on a password of your choice with a minimum length of 10 characters.

Screenshot of Cloaker interface on Windows

Cloaker, however, has some limitations, such as being a single file. That is, you can only encrypt one file at a time. If you have many of them, you must zip them or make an archive to dump them in one go in Cloaker. On the other hand, the good news is Cloaker also works on the command line, so you can perfectly integrate it into your scripts.

Cloaker was designed to be as simple as possible for ordinary people and is available on Linux, Mac, and Windows in portable mode.

Cloaker file encryptor for Linux, Windows and macOS

You can download Cloaker here or see the sources here.

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