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In everyday life, the need to convert units or currencies might arise. In this regard, I would like to introduce you to Converter NOW, a tool for converting measurement units and currencies. Thanks to this application, you won’t have to puzzle over converting cubic meters to liters, Fahrenheit to Celsius, or even dollars to euros. To learn more about the app, please continue reading.

Converter NOW: A Simple and Open Source Application Converter NOW is a free, open-source application available online or as an app for Windows, Linux, and Android. Its source code is accessible on the GitHub platform. Converter NOW is guaranteed to be ad-free and doesn’t require registration for use.

This converter for measurement units and currencies is simple, fast, and usable anytime. Unit and currency conversions are provided in real-time. Just input a value in the corresponding box for the unit or currency you wish to convert. The unit of measurement and currency converter will then promptly display the conversion results.

Additionally, note that Converter NOW’s interface is fully customizable. You can arrange the units according to your usage priorities. Furthermore, the application includes a calculator that allows you to perform calculations whenever needed.

Lastly, within the application settings, you’ll find various interesting options. These include the ability to remove unnecessary zeros, choose between a dark or light theme, change the language, or even rearrange the units of measurement.

Converter NOW App Interface

Supported Units and Currencies Converter NOW can convert over 200 units of measurement and more than 30 currencies. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the supported units and currencies:

  • Currency: Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Rupees, Yen, etc.
  • Length: Meters, Inches, Miles, Yards, Light Years, etc.
  • Area: Square Meters, Hectares, Acres, etc.
  • Volume: Cubic Meters, Liters, Gallons, Pints, Spoons, etc.
  • Time: Seconds, Hours, Days, Years, Weeks, Millennia, etc.
  • Temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin
  • Speed: Meters per Second, Kilometers per Hour, Knots, etc.
  • Mass: Grams, Pounds, Tons, Atomic Mass Units, etc.
  • Force: Newtons, Dynes, Pound-force, Poundal, etc.
  • Pressure: Pascal, Bar, Atmosphere, psi, etc.
  • Energy: Joules, Calories, Kilowatt Hours, etc.
  • Power: Watts, Kilowatts, Horsepower, etc.
  • Fuel Consumption: Miles per Gallon, Kilometers per Liter, etc.
  • Number Systems: Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal, etc.
  • Torque: Newton Meters, Foot-Pounds, Poundal Meters, etc.
  • Numerical Data: Nibble, Bit, Byte, Kibibit, Kibibyte, etc.
  • Shoe Size: UK, India, Europe, USA, Japan, etc.
  • Angles: Degrees, Radians, Minutes, etc.
  • SI Prefix: Kilo, Mega, Giga, Tera, Milli, Micro, Nano, etc.

How Does This Converter Work?

  1. Start by visiting the Converter NOW site or downloading the Windows, Linux, or Android app available.
  2. Once on the interface, click on the unit or currency you wish to convert on the left pane: distance, area, volume, etc.

Free Measurement and Currency Converter

  1. To convert between units, simply enter the value in the corresponding box. The tool will automatically display the equivalent values in other units.

Convert One Unit to Another

  1. Click the orange cross icon or delete your entry to clear the values.

✅ That’s it! Now, you can effortlessly and swiftly convert measurement units or currencies.

Conclusion Converter NOW stands as arguably the best unit converter available. Its interface is clean and intuitive, making it very user-friendly. It can be accessed as a web version through any browser or as an app for Windows, Linux, and Android. I wholeheartedly recommend this useful tool.

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