Corsair 2500X Review 2024

The 2500X is a more compact version of the 6500X that we recently tested in our columns. Corsair is aimed at gamers looking for a Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX gaming setup.

The case offers a wide view of the configuration with the help of two tempered glass panels. It is distinguished by its vertically compartmentalized architecture, a chamber dedicated to 3.5-inch storage units, and a customizable dress.

Delivered without a fan but promising plenty of slots and watercooling support, this 2500X is aimed at DIY lovers looking to build a unique PC optimized for their image.

2500X, presentations.

Available in black or white, this 2500X is a gaming case with a vertically compartmentalized architecture.

Corsair 2500X Case

Fans of the brand will not be disoriented since it is a more compact version of the 6500X that we tested in our columns. Corsair is targeting Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX configurations (also compatible with inverted connector references such as the Asus BTF and MSI PROJECT ZERO solutions) while maintaining the “aquarium” approach, in the sense that a view of the configuration at 270°C is offered.

This is possible due to two tempered glass panels (front and side).

Our white version is armed with a steel chassis through a clean and characteristic look since we find a clear demarcation at the front highlighting a vertically compartmentalized architecture.

In other words, the motherboard and graphics card are installed in the left area while the cabling, the power supply and the various storage units (3.5-inch HDD and 2.5-inch HDD or SSD) are placed in the right area.

The case also stands out for its all-metal mesh right side panel.

This finish is also found on the top but only on the motherboard side.

The set rests on four metal legs with vibration-dampening pads while a large extractable dust filter protects access to the main chamber.

All of this highlights a focus on cooling at the motherboard and its daughter boards. Standard, the case comes without a fan, leaving the choice to build your own fan scheme according to its components, desires and needs.

The back offers an airy surface consisting of two removable elements. The first is a small hatch on the top giving access to two 3.5-inch hard drive trays.

The second is the plate equipped with four perforated and extractable PCIe brackets. Normally, the case offers a horizontal installation of the graphics card but it is possible with the help of the optional kit to take advantage of a vertical installation.

Corsair 2500X – Vertical Mounting Kit for Graphics Card
Corsair 2500X – Vertical Mounting Kit for Graphics Card
Corsair 2500X – Vertical Mounting Kit for Graphics Card

Il comprend une platine dans la bonne orientation, l’indispensable câble Riser PCIe 4.0 x16 (175 mm) et deux réhausses à visser sur le bas du boitier. L’opération est rapide puisque la platine est solidaire du châssis à l’aide de deux vis à main. Il est même possible de faire la transformation avec la configuration déjà montée.

Enfin, l’arrière dévoile une position verticale du bloc d’alimentation et un emplacement pour un ventilateur. Nous avons aussi des vis noires sur le haut permettant de démonter différents montant de la robe afin de les remplacer. Nous détaillerons ce point dans la partie montage.

Ce type de boitier a le vent en poupe actuellement chez de nombreux constructeurs si bien que certains acteurs comme Asus propose des cartes graphiques à la robe optimisée pour profiter de cette vue à 270°C.

This is the case, for example, with the ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4070 Ti SUPER OC, which is armed with a concentrated backlight at the end of the card visible through the front glass panel of the case.

The set has dimensions of 304 x 479 mm, a height of 376 mm and a weight of 13.4 kg.

The connectors are located on the top right. It consists of a Power button, two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A ports and one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C port, a Mic/Headphone audio jack, and a Reset button.

Internally, the master bedroom is the most generous. It accommodates a Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboard and reserves 400 mm for the graphics card compared to 180 mm for the height of the fan. It is therefore possible to install imposing equipment. Standard, there’s no cover on the front of the motherboard panel. On the other hand, the case can be armed in the second chamber of a turntable to install fans or a watercooling radiator on the side.

Corsair 2500X Metal Cable Cover
Corsair 2500X Metal Cable Cover

Corsair offers an optional metal cover when needed.

The 2500X supports 3 x 120mm fans or two 140mm units on the bottom and top versus 2,120mm on the side. Its compatibility with water cooling radiators is generous since it is possible to install a 360, 280 or 240 model on the bottom and top and a 240 mm on the side. In addition to all this, there is a final slot at the rear for a 120 mm exhaust fan.

Fan includedNone
Controller IncludedNone
Fan LocationsBefore: Nothing
Top: 3x 120mm; 2x 140mm
Side: 2x 120mm
Bottom: 3x 120mm; 2x 140mm
Rear: 1x 120mm
Radiator locationsBefore: Nothing
Height: 360mm. 280mm, 240mm
Lateral: 240mm
Bottom: 360mm. 280mm, 240mm
Rear: 120mm

On the question of storage, a dedicated chamber is available in the power compartment.

Access is from the rear via a small hatch and two drawers to accommodate two 3.5-inch HDDs.

In addition, there are two 2.5-inch plates fixed vertically on the front of the case. Finally, the power supply has a space of 225 mm.

2500X – Principales caractéristiques
Dimensions (mm):479 x 304 x 376 mm
MatériauxMetal, verre trempé
Expansion Slots4
MotherboardMini-ITX, Micro-ATX
Storage2 x 2.5″ SSDs
2 x 3.5″ HDDs
CompatibilityPower supply: 225mm
CPU cooler: 180mm
Graphics card: 400mm
Dust FiltersFront, Bottom, Side
Connections2x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A
1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C
Microphone / Headphone audio jack
FeedingATX / SFX
Guarantee2 years

Test protocol

Please note: We have changed our entire box testing platform.

We are now using the following configuration:

  • MAG B660M MORTAR WIFI DDR4i motherboard>
  • Processor> Core i5-12600K,
  • Cooler > AK500,
  • Corsair Vengeance 2 x 16 GB DDR4 3200 Mhz RAM >,
  • > TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3070 OC Edition 8G graphics card,
  • Corsair RM850 > power supply,
  • Hitachi HDT 72 1010SLA360 1TB > Hard Drive
  • SN770 2TB 1 > WD_Black SSD,
  • 2 > OCZ Vector 180 240GB SSD.

We measured the temperature of the hard drive, SSDs, graphics card, CPU, and motherboard via software. We use the HWMonitor app. We work with a fully loaded configuration, i.e. with a high load on the CPU, GPU, SSD, RAM and HDD. During these tests, a sound level meter is placed on a stand 25 cm from the front of the case and then laterally. The latter is a SL_200 calibrated using an SLC-100.

The CPU cooler is in PWM mode through the “standard” profile proposed by the motherboard after calibration.

When we talk about noise pollution, it corresponds to two different qualities. The first is the level of soundproofing to muffle the noise of the various mechanical parts such as the hard drives, the CPU cooler or the graphics card, while the second concerns the ventilation which inevitably generates noise. It is related to the speed of the fans, the size and architecture, the shape of the chassis openings and the type of fastener used.

The measurements correspond to a study with a fully fanless configuration and without a mechanical hard drive, so that the noise corresponds exactly to that of the ventilation. This part is not available in this test since the case comes without a fan.

2500X, performance


Although this 2500X is more compact than its big brother the 6500X, the internal space is enough to work in good conditions.

We recommend that you disassemble the small hard drive chamber to free up access to the back of the motherboard tray. This allows the two EPS beams to be better oriented and arranged.

The motherboard installs without any particular problem. It benefits from several accesses to route the power supply, SATA cables or the box connectors.

Our 2.5-inch SSD has taken its place on the front 2.5-inch deck from the bottom. It can be dismantled with a simple hand screw. The SSD needs small screws to secure to the turntable. On the other hand, for hard drives, the installation is done without tools.

Please note that although Corsair allows them to be installed through a small rear hatch, the power supply and SATA cable must be manually connected to each 3.5-inch unit. There is no Hot Swap system. The power supply is installed vertically with the fan facing outwards.

The organization of the cabling benefits from a few fasteners positioned at strategic passages, but for a more advanced “cable management”, it is necessary to opt for an optional RapidRoute kit.

Corsair 2500X Cable Ties

It allows you to install two cable guides equipped with Velcro straps on the back of the motherboard tray.

However, their presence is not a necessity because the “power” chamber is sufficient to accommodate a surplus of cable positioned in a jumbled manner.

This 2500X is a case designed for the DIY market. Corsair offers a streamlined approach with minimal equipment to ensure freedom of action. At the same time, a whole range of accessories such as a vertical GPU stand, cable guides, a metal cover and various external panels allow for extensive customization. Like the 6500X, this attachment to the do-it-yourself market is reflected in small attentions here and there to facilitate assembly.

For example, we have a fabric tab to facilitate the removal of the top filter, Quikturnn screws and even an external Velcro strap on the back to gather the different harnesses from the motherboard (keyboard, mouse, video cable, etc.) or perforated and removable PCIe brackets.

Originally, the dress offers a steel finish, but it is possible to opt for other panels with a “wood” or satin grey finish. The transformation comes down to a few Phillips screws and unclipping different elements. The 2500X can be dressed in Teak, Bamboo, Walnut and Satin Grey.

Here are the prices of these different options

  • Panel Kit – Walnut > €87.13
  • Panel kit – Teak > €87.13
  • Panel Kit – Bamboo > €87.13
  • Panel Kit – Satin Grey > €99.58
  • RapidRoute Kit > €18.66
  • Cable cover for motherboard 2500 > €24.89
  • Vertical Stand Kit for 2500 Series Graphics Card >€87.13

As our various pictures show, the wood transforms the dress of the case.

Corsair 2500X Bamboo Dress
Corsair 2500X Bamboo Dress


The 2500X doesn’t have any fans by default. So we set up our configuration without changing or adding anything. The airflow is only provided by the various cooling elements of our configuration. This includes the CPU cooler and graphics card.

Corsair 2500X - Cooling Performance
Corsair 2500X – Cooling Performance

The ramp-out mainly impacts the CPU temperature. Our cooler can’t meet the needs of our Core i5-12600k which falls victim to Thermal Throttling protection. Without a fan, the master chamber is confronted with the heat given off by the graphics card quite quickly. As a result, the cooler does not have any fresh air within reach of the blade that would improve this balance with a CPU temperature of 100°C. We could install several fans to exhaust the hot air to the outside while ensuring a supply of fresh air and switch to a liquid cooling solution of 240 or even 280 for more comfort.

The graphics card’s cooling system stabilizes the GPU at around 64°C, which is perfect, while the RAM is close to 50°C compared to almost 60°C for the motherboard’s VRMs. The 2.5-inch SSD, placed on the front, does not suffer from excessive temperature, but we will have to pay attention to the hard drive area, which did not stop taking degrees during our tests.

Another consequence of the absence of a fan is the need for patience when returning to rest so that the various important elements of our setup lower their temperature.


They are only related to the noise of our setup. We measured on the front of the case and on the side of the Metal Mesh panel.

Corsair 2500X - HDD Noise Pollution
Corsair 2500X – HDD Noise Pollution

This 2500X is not a silence-oriented case. It has no internal coating to muffle the noise of our components. In burn, our sound level meter climbs to 42.2 dBA at the front of the case compared to 45.8 dBA on the side. We have an audible and present PC. It’s not noisy but it’s hard to forget.

Finally, it should be noted that the difference between the front and the side is explained by the structure of the latter. In Metal Mesh, it is designed to allow air to pass through and therefore… noise. There are no openings at the front.

Corsair 2500X - Noise Pollution
Corsair 2500X – Noise Pollution

For the hard drive, depending on its load level, our sound level meter is between 33.9 and 37.7 dBA. In burn we know that it works intensively.

2500X, conclusion

This 2500X is offered at €149.90 on the Corsair website against €209.90 for its big brother the 6500X. We find a common DNA through a versatile approach and strong personalization. On this point, it offers multiple options to transform its look and enrich its equipment and possibilities. Its architecture makes it possible to install large components around a Micro-ATX motherboard while taking advantage of small touches here and there to facilitate assembly.

Unfortunately, its modularity, customization and ventilation require optional purchases, which inevitably adds to the bill. On the other hand, it can be precisely arranged to meet a particular project and the particular needs of the DIY market. On the other hand, be careful of its compatibility when using a vertical graphics card. In our case, this was not possible due to a cooler generously protruding from the socket area (Micro-ATX format). For peace of mind, we advise you to opt for an AIO watercooling.

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