Create Animated GIFs Easily with AI “Hotshot-XL” : A Simple Guide

No need to bother going through the entire Giphy site in search of the ideal animated GIF for trolling on Twitter. All you need to do is use AI!

And it’s possible thanks to Hotshot-XL.

Hotshot-XL is a text-to-GIF AI model using Stable Diffusion XL. It generates GIFs from fine-tuned SDXL models and is compatible with SDXL ControlNet to personalize the composition of your animated image. The GIFs thus created have a duration of 1 second at 8 FPS.

It’s free software available on GitHub, so you can install it locally at home. But if, like me, you’re lazy, no worries, since there is a site called that allows you to make your dreams come true with the craziest GIFs. Note that you will need to identify yourself with a Google account.

You can then type a short sentence to get what you want.

Create Animated GIFs Easily with AI “Hotshot-XL” : A Simple Guide

It is magic!

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