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You lack graphic design skills and don’t have the means to hire a professional designer for your brand or start-up’s logo? No worries! Allow us to introduce you to LogoFast, a 100% free online tool that enables you to create custom logos in just a few clicks! To learn more about this tool and how it works, continue reading this article.

LogoFast: Your Online Logo Design Solution

Developed by Marc Loup, LogoFast is an online platform designed with the sole purpose of making logo design accessible to everyone.

No need to register or provide any personal information. Once on the site, you can immediately start creating your logo for your website, app, or any other project.

How It Works:

Choose an Icon:

The first step is to choose an icon for your logo. The site provides a large library of open source icons from the site. Alternatively, you can use artificial intelligence (AI) to get ideas for icons. Describe your project, and the AI will suggest three icons tailored to your description.

Customize Your Logo:

After selecting your icon, LogoFast allows you to customize different aspects of your logo. Options include:

  • Change the size of the icon to fit your needs perfectly and rotate it to get the ideal angle.
  • Adjust the thickness of the icon’s borders to give your logo the desired look.
  • Modify the color of the icon to match the visual identity of your brand or project.

Logo Background Customization:

LogoFast offers customization options for the logo background:

  • Choose between a solid color or a color gradient for your logo background.
  • Add rounded edges to your logo for a more modern look.
  • Give depth to your logo by adding a drop shadow.

Download Your Logo:
Once satisfied with the result, you can download the logo in PNG or SVG format, depending on your needs.

Key Takeaways:

If you need to create logos for your projects, LogoFast offers a simple and straightforward solution. It helps you make your logo from A to Z using easy-to-use tools. Whether you’re a design novice or a time-pressed entrepreneur, LogoFast is the perfect tool to bring your professional logo to life.

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