DeArrow – To End Clickbait on YouTube

There’s nothing worse than YouTube thumbnails! All these creators with their mouths wide open, acting as if something is unexpectedly entering their stomach, alongside headlines like “24 hours locked in a Chinese restaurant – what I discovered in the fridge will shock you!” or “We swapped lives with my dog and it was amazing, except when I licked my dog…”

In short, we’re human, and of course, we fall for it!

And almost every time, we end up disappointed! But that was before DeArrow, which promises to rebalance the YouTube game by helping you avoid clickbait with ease.

This browser extension will improve YouTube titles and thumbnails through crowdsourcing. This means you’ll see titles that are more accurate and less sensationalist, and thumbnails that truly represent the video content.

To function, the extension uses track and thumbnail data submitted by users, integrating it directly into your YouTube experience. Thumbnails are generated either locally or by a dedicated service. And if you’re curious about the original titles and thumbnails, no worries, DeArrow allows you to view them on demand.

In summary, this is a great tool to help you see through the noise. And don’t forget, if you liked it, to subscribe to my YouTube channel and give a thumbs up until it turns blue.

Oh, and the source code is available.

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