Defy Intel’s Planned Obsolescence with Adhesive Tape

Do you think your Intel Z170 or Z270 series motherboard only supports CPUs up to Kaby Lake (6th and 7th generation)? That’s what Intel wants us to believe to force us to buy a new motherboard with each evolution of their CPUs. But some clever folks have found a workaround. It’s a bit technical but very amusing.

With a bit of Kapton insulating tape and a BIOS modification, you can perfectly run a brand-new Coffee Lake CPU on your old motherboard. Goodbye planned obsolescence!

To achieve this feat, you’ll need four essential elements:

  • A working brain
  • A good old Z170 or Z270 motherboard
  • A Coffee Lake processor (8th or 9th generation) along with the correct modified BIOS
  • Some Kapton tape and materials to create bridges between socket pins

It’s a bit technical, but all the explanations are here, as well as in this video:

Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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