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If you want to take your development to the next level, here’s a project that will interest you. It’s called Devika and it’s a tool that acts as a real pair programmer, that is to say an AI “colleague” capable of understanding complex natural language instructions, breaking them down into steps, researching relevant information, and generating functional code to achieve the goal. This directly competes with the Devin service that was buzzed about a while ago, except that it’s completely open source.

Thanks to its advanced natural language processing capabilities, this “AI” can interpret your high-level instructions and transform them into a concrete action plan. Once the plan is established, it gets to work and uses its programming knowledge and web search capabilities to find the information it needs to carry out your project: Code snippets, examples of best practices or detailed explanations… From there, it can then generate code in the programming language of your choice.

To install it, you’ll need ollama, uv, bun and follow this tutorial:

ollama serve
git clone
cd devika/
uv venv
source .venv/bin/activate
uv pip install -r requirements.txt
playwright install --with-deps
cd ui/
bun install
bun run dev

Then in parallel:


You’ll then need to connect to http://localhost:3000/ and fill in all the API keys, from your OpenAI key, to your Google/Bing API key…etc. And then you can start working with Devika’s agents.

One of the most impressive aspects of Devika is its ability to constantly improve thanks in part to its machine learning algorithms. It learns from every interaction with developers and every project it works on, so the more it’s used, the more effective it becomes.

Of course, like any emerging technology, it’s not perfect yet and above all, it raises questions: How to ensure that the code generated by the AI is secure and bug-free? How to integrate it into existing development workflows? Should developers who spend more time on Korben’s site than working be fired? Existential questions, as you can see…

If you’re interested in this project and want to try it out for yourself, head over to the project’s GitHub repository.

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