DietPi – An ultra-light Debian for Raspberry Pi, Odroid, PINE64, etc., optimized and customizable

If you prefer lightweight computers like Raspberry Pi or Odroid, then DietPi is the ideal operating system for you. It is based on a lean Debian with the goal of consuming as little CPU and RAM as possible.

Here’s a table comparing DietPi with Raspberry Pi OS Lite (64-bit). We can observe a 58% reduction in RAM usage, a 39% average decrease in CPU usage, and a 41% reduction in disk space. This is reflected in the impressive 73% faster boot speed.

DietPi offers customizable settings, allowing you to configure your system according to your needs, and easy management of software priorities. The system supports automatic updates and installation automation through a configuration file (dietpi.txt) where you can specify settings like wifi access, activation of the SSH server, etc.

Additionally, DietPi includes a Backup utility, simplifying the process of backing up and restoring your installation.

As mentioned, DietPi is compatible with various computers, including Raspberry Pi, Odroid, PINE A64 models, and more. It also supports virtual machines such as Hyper-V, Virtualbox, Vmware, Parallels, UTM, and Proxmox, enabling its use when microcomputer performance is insufficient. It can even run on a traditional x86/64 PC.

To learn more about DietPi and how to use it, visit the official website for detailed information on its features and tips on getting started with this lightweight and optimized operating system.

In summary, DietPi is an excellent choice for those aiming to maximize hardware performance while minimizing resource consumption. Whether you’re setting up a NAS server, experimenting with IoT projects, or entering the world of Single Board Computers (SBCs), DietPi provides a quick and easy starting point.

Mohamed SAKHRI
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