Diffusion Toolkit: Efficiently Organize AI-Generated Images by Prompt

If, like me, you are passionate about AI-generated images, here is a tool that will definitely help you: Diffusion Toolkit!

You’re probably already overwhelmed with AI-generated images and wondering how to organize it all efficiently so you can easily find them. Well, Diffusion Toolkit is a Windows tool that will help you quickly find THE image among thousands of others in a few seconds.

Basically, it’s a metadata indexer and viewer for AI-generated images. This software is capable of quickly scanning a collection of 50,000 images and allows them to be searched by prompts, by seed, or even by hash. You can organize them into albums according to their prompts, classify them by date, by visual appearance, and according to the evaluation you gave them. Indeed, you can favorite your images, rate them from 1 to 10, sort them by visual score, mark them as NSFW, and blur images marked as NSFW manually or automatically.

Supported formats are JPG, PNG, WebP, and .TXT (which allows you to work with images and text at the same time).

Visit the project’s GitHub repository to download the tool and install it.

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