Discover the Many Pieces of Mr Coo

If you enjoy traditional animation (hand-drawn), the absurd, and point-and-click adventure games, I’ve stumbled upon a gem that’s sure to captivate you: The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo! Well, perhaps that’s quite a few criteria to consider, so let me break it all down for you. 😄

Mr. Coo is an endearingly yellow and cute character, boasting simple yet recognizable features. The game operates on a point-and-click mechanic, allowing you to interact with various elements in the environment. Graphically, it’s a delightful fusion of hand-drawn illustrations and photos, featuring inventive camera angles and perspective plays.

The adventure begins with a straightforward introduction to possible interactions, gradually revealing the universe. As the game progresses, it opens up to unveil the real adventure. Periodically, a scene will loop, challenging you to figure out how to navigate through the situation. 🙂

Discover the Many Pieces of Mr Coo

Without giving away too much (as hinted in the title), at one point, Mr. Coo finds himself divided into several parts that must be assembled to restore his physical integrity. 😀 You’ll gain control over different body parts, reminiscent of how characters were managed in Day of the Tentacle!

Set in a surreal world, the game introduces a gallery of characters and monsters, all as original as they are wacky. In short, it’s utterly absurd, devoid of dialogue, and remarkably effective. It sometimes ventures into the realm of being a tad creepy due to its strangeness, but more often than not, it’s downright hilarious.

While I encountered some difficulty with two puzzles, a helpful system comes to the rescue: a substantial red book that broadly outlines the procedure to follow. Despite this, the difficulty is well balanced, allowing you to find the solution before frustration sets in—a good sign indeed. 😀 One minor drawback is the duration of the adventure, lasting approximately 2 hours to reach the story’s conclusion (which hints at the potential for a sequel). Consider it more as an interactive animated film!

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For this reason, it loses an egg, earning it a respectable 🥚🥚🥚/5 as a final rating. Note that a demo is available on various platforms, offering a quick taste of what awaits you!

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