Dragon Ball First Anime-Inspired Theme Park in Pictures

Dragon Ball fans are in for a treat: the world’s first theme park dedicated entirely to Akira Toriyama’s creation is set to open its doors. Although the project is still in the early stages, it already shows great promise. Here’s why.

A Theme Park for Fans of Akira Toriyama’s Manga

It was already known, but now it’s confirmed: Akira Toriyama’s untimely death at just 68 has not marked the end of his legacy. Quite the contrary, as a new significant project was announced just a few hours ago: the world’s first Dragon Ball theme park is under construction in Saudi Arabia. Granted, it’s far away and years of work are ahead, but this colossal project is already captivating. Below, we reveal what it is expected to look like upon completion.

Additional concept art was shared by the Qiddiya Investment Company on the official Qiddiya website, showcasing this ambitious entertainment and tourism project being developed near Riyadh, the capital of the country. These images, which can be viewed in a larger format on the site, give a glimpse of the entire venture.

So, what can visitors expect from this ultra-ambitious park?

The Disneyland for Dragon Ball Fans?

While the opening might not be until 2030, in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 program’s other venues, anticipation is already high (start saving now). Spanning 50 hectares (500,000 m^2), the Dragon Ball theme park will rival Disneyland Paris in size. It will boast over 30 attractions spread across seven different zones, “recreating various iconic locations from the original series, such as Kame House, the Capsule Corporation, and Planet Beerus.” A depiction of the dragon Shenron is also planned, standing at 70 meters tall, with a roller coaster inside!

In terms of promotions, here’s the promotional video shared by the Qiddiya Investment Company:

The company behind this ultra-ambitious project promises that “visitors will be able to embark on an adventure with Goku and his friends while exploring the world of Dragon Ball, from the anime’s very beginning to Dragon Ball Super.” Therefore, there will be something for everyone, from longtime fans to newcomers.

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