Echosync: Achieving Differential Directory Synchronization Effortlessly

If you need to synchronize different directories on your machine, several machines, or between your PC and your NAS, then here is a piece of software for Windows that you will like.

It’s free, and it’s called Echosync. This software, which can also work in portable mode, allows you to always keep a USB key, an external drive, or a NAS up to date. To do this, you create a Sync profile by specifying the directories; the copy will only be done unidirectionally.

That is, the source will not be modified (read-only). So it’s easy to use, and there’s no risk of making mistakes. In addition, Echosync is capable of differential synchronization, meaning it saves only new or modified files, without re-synchronizing all of the data—time-saving!

Echosync – File synchronization Its detection algorithm can also identify renamed or deleted files, which avoids having to delete them and then copy them again. Echosync also uses VSS (Volume Shadow Copy) to copy locked read-only files and can support any path type, even those that are longer than 255 characters or contain symbolic links.

You can also use it from the command line to automate all of this through the Windows Task Scheduler.

It’s a small piece of software that can be very useful, very simply, and what’s more, it’s super fast and reliable.

If you’re interested, it can be downloaded here (+ Windows Store) or installed via Winget like this:

winget install SylvainRougeaux.Echosync

Have fun!

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