Effortless Video and Photo Downloads with This iOS Shortcut

We all know to what extent everything we post on social networks can be ephemeral—that is, it can be deleted overnight by a somewhat zealous mod or directly by Elon Musk himself. Who knows?

So, when you come across a cool video or photo, it’s always better to keep it in your gallery on your smartphone. So, you will have to understand it is better to download it.

Except that we’re not all going to pull out Youtube-DL whenever we come across a cool Instagram or TikTok video. But that was without counting on YAS, yet another iOS shortcut (Yet Another Shortcut), which, once installed, allows you to save any photo or video from many sites simply by “sharing” the link.

Enough to arrive in luxury like YAS 😉

So, how does it work? You have to scan the QR Code found here and install the shortcut.

Once it’s in place, all you have to do is go to any application, and as soon as you see content that you want to retrieve, you share it as if you wanted to send it to your mother, except that you choose YAS from the list:

Then you wait a few seconds, and voilà, the photo or video will be yours for eternity on your iPhone or iPad; you pirates

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