Elicit – The AI ​​search engine that simplifies the work of researchers

The field of AI has seen remarkable advancements in recent times, as exemplified by Elicit – a research assistant that leverages language models such as GPT-4 to automate certain aspects of researchers’ work.

Elicit primarily works by scanning through freely available scientific literature on the internet. By posing a query (or allowing Elicit to generate one for you), the platform presents you with pertinent scientific articles along with summaries of the essential information contained within them

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Elicit AI search engine

The capabilities of this AI-driven search engine are truly impressive! With Elicit, you can discover relevant documents even if they don’t precisely match the keywords you provided.

Through the use of semantic similarity, Elicit identifies articles related to your query, even if they do not contain the exact same keywords. For instance, you might receive articles on “meditation” even if your query only references “mindfulness.” This ability greatly expands the scope of articles that can be retrieved, enhancing the research process.

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Elicit offers a highly personalized search experience by analyzing each search result’s abstract and generating a summary that corresponds to your query. This allows for a more thorough comprehension of the topic, aiding in the evaluation of document relevance.

In addition to this, Elicit’s functionality extends beyond mere summarization – you can ask the platform questions and it will attempt to answer them based on the information contained within the document. It’s almost like having a conversation with a book! Furthermore, users can import their own PDFs and obtain essential information by posing questions to Elicit – a highly practical feature indeed

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Diagram showing the simplicity of using Elicit for researchers

Elicit is a fantastic resource not only for researchers but also for individuals with a passion for exploring scientific literature, even if they don’t necessarily comprehend all of it. With its cutting-edge search capabilities, filters, and document organization features, Elicit enables you to swiftly locate the information you require.

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