Essential SEO Tools for Scaling in 2023: A Compilation of 21+ Must-Have Resources

When it comes to SEO, having the right tools can make all the difference. Here’s a compilation of some valuable resources I frequently use, and I’m sure you’ll find them useful, too. Let’s keep it concise and informative.

Outreach / Linkbuilding Tools

  1. Twixify: My newly developed platform for efficient reciprocal linking at scale.
  2. AuthoritySpy: An excellent tool for automating the discovery of authoritative influencers and bloggers within a chosen niche. You can input a keyword or niche, yielding a substantial list of potential candidates for your campaigns.
  3. Guest Post Tracker: A comprehensive database featuring over 1,500 domains that accept guest posts.
  4. Buzzstream: An outreach platform that helps organize influencer data and facilitates email communication. It boasts an insightful analytics section.
  5. SERP Insights: This tool enables you to enter a keyword related to a specific vertical. It generates a report detailing why your competitors rank highly and suggest the metrics you need to enhance for better rankings.
  6. Detailed: A fascinating tool that provides updated website rankings in your niche, categorized by Twitter mentions. This feature lets you identify discussions around major online sites.
  7. Ahrefs: A versatile tool for various purposes such as checking broken links, analyzing competitor backlink profiles, studying anchor texts, and obtaining keyword volumes.
  8. SEO Jet: I rely on SEO Jet to monitor anchor text usage on my URLs. It categorizes anchor text into three groups (Blended, Exact Match, and Natural) and offers insights on optimization.
  9. Majestic SEO: This tool provides more than just referring domains; it emphasizes topical trust flow. Crucial for securing links from relevant domains within your niche. I use it alongside Ahrefs.
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Scrapers / Scanners

  1. Domain Hunter Plus: A useful tool for identifying available links on a page, especially handy for Private Blog Networks (PBNs).
  2. Check My Links: A Chrome extension that scans pages for broken links.
  3. URL Profiler: An essential link builder tool that fetches data from platforms like Majestic, Moz, and Ahrefs. It also assists in email scraping, indexing checks, and more.
  4. Screaming Frog: A crucial tool for onsite optimizations. It crawls links, images, scripts, and more, providing insights like inlinks, word count, and technical details.

Keyword Tools

  1. Keyword Shitter 2: An aptly named tool that generates an extensive list of keyword variations.
  2. Keywords Everywhere: This tool directly offers keyword volume insights from Google Search and analyzes pages for frequently mentioned keywords and density.


  1. Google PageSpeed Insights: Assess your website’s loading speed on mobile and desktop platforms.
  2. GT Metrix: This tool measures your site’s loading speed and provides optimization recommendations.
  3. Bright Local: A comprehensive tool covering SEO reporting, lead generation, reputation, and citation management, tailored for local search.
  4. Accuranker: A robust keyword tracking tool that provides accurate results, though it comes at a cost.
  5. Google Analytics: A fundamental tool for web analytics, tracking and reporting website traffic. It’s free.
  6. Google Search Console: A must-have for SEO tasks like submitting sitemaps, disavowing spammy links, and gaining insights into how Google Bot views your pages.
  7. Barracudas Algorithm Tool: An excellent resource for monitoring Google’s updates in conjunction with your analytics, allowing you to analyze the impact of updates on your domain.

Remember that some tools are free, while others have associated costs. Choose the ones that align with your needs and budget. Happy optimizing!

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