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Take your hands out of your pockets and clench your fists; it’s time to fight! Pocket Bravery offers us Street Fighter-style VS fighting with very precise gameplay and a graphic style based on large, super well-animated pixels, Scott Pilgrim style. No, really, it’s really pretty to see!

The tutorial puts us straight into the mix: we are in a competitive fighting game, in the pure tradition of the genre. Combos, chops, quarter circles, super attacks, elemental attacks (my dear Watson), reversals—I’ll spare you all the terms, especially since they are cited and explained for us to understand. 🙂

There are 12 characters (some unlockable), each with a different approach. Overall, the cast is inspired by that of Street Fighter, but as with the gameplay, they have their own personality. The game system is quite advanced and really well-designed, down to the smallest details, without offering anything extravagant or unusual; like the pocket version of an excellent fighting game. There is also a “simplified” control mode to pull out special moves more easily.

Many game modes are available, in addition to the essential 1v1 playable locally and online. Arcade, training, tutorial, combo factory, challenges, survival… And even a story mode! But then, uh, I found it bad. 😀 Not the fights, that’s cool, but the scenario is bogus, the cutscenes aren’t great, it’s way too talkative… Well, I prefer the arcade mode where we fight one after the other. 😀

In short, quite a few modes to train, improve your game, and fight a computer which is, I must admit, quite strong! Or maybe I’m the loser. 😀 Then, we beat up our friends or people online. In fact, the online works really well, no lag to report. 👌 So it’s an excellent little fighting game, with its own personality, which should please all fans of the genre. It’s a good ✊✊✊/5!

Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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