Face Swapper – Replace your face to make jokes that go too far

From where I am (although I can’t see you…), I’ll assume you have a great face! But if you’ve ever dreamed of changing your face like in science fiction movies, well, it’s now possible thanks to Face Swapper.

This free software, based on DeepFaceLab, allows you to exchange your face with that of anyone else in a live video, whether it’s a real person or a unique creation generated with a computer.

You can apply this faceswap to an image from your webcam or to an already recorded video. Face Swapper also offers a list of pre-trained face models for those who may not know where to start.

Face Swapper - 1 - Replace your face to make jokes that go too far

These models are created randomly and are not based on real people, except for Keanu Reeves, who actually exists, and whose resemblance is astonishing! If these models make you think of famous people, it’s just a coincidence.

If you want a higher quality faceswap or a better match on your face, you can also train your own face model using DeepFaceLab. Check out this example with Arnold Schwarzenegger, worked very carefully—it’s stunning.

There’s also a Face Animator module in the DeepFaceLive application that allows you to move a photo of a face (i.e., static) with a video or of your own face live via the webcam. The quality is not the best and requires fine-tuning of matching parameters for each pair of faces, but it’s enough to make friends laugh by sending them funny creations.

The software is compatible with DirectX12 and can work with any graphics card compatible with this technology (RTX 2070+ / Radeon RX 5700 XT+ recommended). It also requires a recent processor with AVX instructions, 4 GB of RAM, and of course, Windows 10.

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If you’re interested, you can download the software by clicking here.

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