Filmora 13, the AI-assisted video editing software, has released its new version

Filmora continues to fulfill its purpose: enabling easy video editing through a simplified interface. This isn’t limited to simple videos but extends to various formats for social networks, such as YouTube shorts, TikTok, Instagram stories, and reels. Filmora efficiently manages and adapts to these diverse formats.

The software’s strength lies in its openness to social platforms, allowing users to optimize not only their time but also their overall creative process. For instance, Filmora provides a range of filters, effects, tools, and formats. It is available on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. Whether you prefer working solo or in a team, you can do so seamlessly from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone of your choice, with synchronization across all devices. Personally, I use it to edit and enhance the pacing of my creations.

Filmora and AI

The integration of AI brings significant benefits by automating repetitive and cumbersome tasks. It’s particularly enjoyable to obtain output formats tailored to the resolutions of different platforms or to effortlessly incorporate animations and visual effects through simple drag-and-drop actions. Notably, the new version, Filmora 13, focuses on AI aspects related to voice and music.

This update introduces features such as smart trimming (removing disturbing elements in your creation in just two clicks), adding mood-appropriate music (with a library of 20,000 sounds/audio tracks), creating thumbnails, utilizing prompts effectively, and more. The new version essentially functions as a virtual assistant, streamlining and enhancing the entire creative process. Upon starting Filmora, users can engage in a conversation with the built-in Copilot AI by right-clicking on a clip and selecting “Filmora Copilot.

A window with a Chatbot will open, allowing users to seek assistance. Following the AI’s instructions enables users to add background music or make various adjustments easily. Whether you want to edit background music, separate vocals, modify the speech read by your virtual avatar, combine clips, perform color grading, synchronize video/audio speeds, place markers, change the background image, add a logo, or create a custom font, Filmora 13 provides an array of features, with more being added regularly.

For Whom?

Filmora is valuable for anyone aiming to have a presence on multiple platforms and share content with their community, including marketers, influencers, and freelancers. It helps give a professional touch to creations at a lower cost, saving hours of work.

As early as version 12, it was evident that future advances would be remarkable, and version 13 has indeed taken a significant leap forward. In just a few months between the two versions, the progress is notable. Filmora is poised to become a must-have for many creatives seeking a presence on multiple sites.

Filmora goes above and beyond by offering educational videos, YouTube revenue optimization tips, the ability to create custom effects, and more. The free version allows users to test the tool with 1 GB of free storage space, providing a comprehensive experience of its capabilities.

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