Firefox on Android now supports more than 450 extensions

Mozilla had announced it, and it’s now done: Firefox on Android adds support for more than 450 extensions. This is an important step that will allow us to get closer to the experience already available on computers.

Hundreds of extensions are coming to Firefox on Android. Extensions on browsers (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) allow you to have additional features or modify existing elements. This can greatly improve the overall experience. The milestone of more than 450 extensions available “marks the launch of a new open ecosystem of mobile extensions where developers are now free to create and publish extensions, and where users can easily access and install them on Firefox for Android,” as announced by Mozilla.

Mozilla’s space for Firefox extensions on Android can be found on this page. Some of the popular extensions listed include YouTubeUtils (which adds additional functionality to YouTube’s mobile site), RedditAnnoyances (which blocks the “Continue with app” message), Android Scroll Bottom (which adds a menu button to go to the bottom of a page), and Ink for Google (an extension that applies a Material Design redesign to several Google sites).

To take advantage of the different extensions, it is necessary to have the latest update of Firefox on Android. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store.

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