Floorp – The Very Kawaii Web Browser

Have you ever heard of a browser called Floorp?

I know what you’re going to say: “Another useless browser? We already have Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari… Enough with the nonsense!” Well, I think you should still give it a look, you skeptics.

The Japanese coders behind this project took our good old Firefox, gave it a cute makeover, added tons of amazing features, and bam, you get Floorp!

First of all, in terms of customization, it’s the best because you can change everything: the tab layout, colors, themes, and even apply special themes based on your OS! Want to move the tab bar to the bottom? Go ahead! Is the title bar annoying you? Hide it! It’s YOUR browser, and you can do whatever you want with it.

Next, let’s talk about privacy. Here, Floorp really shines. Robust tracker blocking, fingerprinting protection, very fine-tuned privacy controls. And most importantly, unlike a certain browser that starts with Google and ends with Chrome, Floorp doesn’t spy on you or sell your data to advertisers. That’s a relief!

Performance-wise, it’s also a beast. Faster than Firefox and Chrome in benchmarks. Lighter too. It’s like this thing runs on Redbull!

And the features? Well, you have vertical tabs (experimental but impressive), split view mode (very handy for watching Netflix and working at the same time… or browsing Reddit, I see you), workspaces like on macOS, the ability to install web apps, configurable keyboard shortcuts… And that’s not all. Floorp includes a customizable double sidebar that can display a web panel and browser management tools.

Want to split your screen in two? Just right-click and you’re set. Need a sidebar for quick access to your stuff? Bam, it’s there and customizable as you wish. A dark mode? Uh, it’s 2024, of course, there’s a dark mode. And the cherry on top: Floorp View to send a tab directly to your smartphone!

Another important point: Floorp is 100% open-source and under a free license. Its total transparency and lack of tracking protect your personal information, and its regular updates, based on Firefox ESR, ensure optimal security.

So there you go, I’ve sold you a dream, I know. All that’s left is for you to visit https://floorp.app and try this marvel. It’s free, takes 2 minutes to install. At worst, you uninstall it and forget about it. At best, you find your new favorite browser.

Anyway, thanks to the Japanese developers for offering us this little gem that’s not based on Chromium for once. And thank you for being wonderful curious dinosaurs ^^.


Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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