Free Online Image Editor: Edit Your Images Easily with ImgTools

Photo editing software, such as Photoshop or Pixelmator, is often very expensive. Fortunately, free alternatives are available today that can do many things without requiring payment. Among these tools is ImgTools, a completely free online tool that enables you to edit photos, drawings, or illustrations online without the need to install anything. Does that sound a little too good to be true? Are you wondering if the results are worth it? Here is our recent test on this online photo editing tool.

ImgTools: how does this free online photo editor work?

Before we give you our opinion, we would like to briefly present the possibilities offered by this solution, accessible via a web browser. In reality, we should refer to it as a toolbox because, unlike other free software of the same kind, this one is not limited to a single function. ImgTools provides access to the following features:

• Image retouching, available in several ways: rounding the corners of your images, blurring or pixelating an image, cropping or resizing images, masking faces in your photos, or even rotating images.

• Alternative extractions. The most original is keeping only the faces appearing in the photographs (drawings, sketches, etc.). The software also allows you to separate the frames of a .GIF file, all delivered in a compressed folder.

• Speaking of compression, you can use this program to reduce the size of images (formats supported to date: JPG, PNG, SVG, or GIF).

• Logistically, you will probably appreciate the feature to rename many images at once and the tool to protect image files with a password.

Yes, these customization, security, and organization options do not require payment. It is, therefore, time to evaluate the quality of the output.

ImgTools, a free online photo editor

Software for free online image editing… that keeps its promises

Let’s be clear: we were pleasantly surprised by the various results. There were only two downsides, mainly concerning the user experience:

• The presence of a few annoying advertisements (which is understandable since developers need to be compensated). • The absence of shortcuts to directly share new images, if necessary.

Obviously, these are minor details for this price… or rather, the lack of price. Considering such a rich ecosystem, one might have feared uneven performance or difficulty in handling. However, that is not the case.

Undoubtedly, this web application may not be sufficient for professionals in the field. Nevertheless, for private use, ImgTools is a hit. The most commonly used browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) all respond correctly to this set of features. Moreover, the interface is designed to be intuitive. Once you close the few advertisements and browse the “catalog,” you will quickly obtain satisfaction.

So, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to edit your photos/images, do not hesitate to try this free online software now. It is well worth trying out, and we hope it remains freeware! But nothing seems to indicate otherwise.

What you must remember

ImgTools is a website that offers many tools to edit photos or images online. With a user-friendly interface, even novice users can easily use this tool. You can edit your images with just a few clicks without requiring any photo editing skills. Simply upload your images, and the tool will cover the rest!

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