Free Vectorizer AI: Convert JPEGs and PNGs into SVG Vectors Easily!

I love working with images, especially for illustrating articles on my website. However, I often encountered a significant problem: converting images like JPEGs and PNGs into vector images (like SVGs) to be able to enlarge them endlessly or simply modify them later in software such as Illustrator.

Well, my friends, I’ve found the solution:! This online tool uses artificial intelligence to automate, speed up, and simplify the vectorization process.

You see, bitmap images are composed of a grid of pixels, each with its own color. Converting these images into vectors, which are made up of geometric shapes, can be quite challenging. But thanks to, you only have to drag and drop your image into their interface, and voilà! The program takes care of everything with its servers.

Not only is the result truly impressive, but it’s also incredibly useful for various applications. For example, vector images can be scaled without losing quality, making them perfect for large-format printing, vinyl cutting, embroidery, and more. Additionally, downloads of optimized images are currently free during the beta phase.

To make the results even more appealing, cleans up every corner of the image, adjusts entire geometric shapes, and optimizes tangents, all while maintaining excellent consistency throughout the image.

In addition to SVG, also supports PDF, EPS, DXF, and PNG, with more formats coming soon. The algorithm is designed to work with a wide range of images, including photos and sketches/drawings. It also allows for pre-cropping to make the most of the maximum possible resolution. Plus, it supports 32-bit color images, including transparency, making it a highly versatile tool.

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Finally, I’d like to mention that not only is the website actively in development, but there are also many exciting features in the works.

Take a look at and take advantage while they’re still in free beta!

You can discover it here

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