Good night young and old with Sweet Dreams Alex! 

At times, when night falls, nightmares follow suit, plaguing little Alex as she settles into her bed for a deep sleep. The poor thing! What if we assisted her by thwarting the intrusion of these bad dreams? Welcome to Sweet Dreams Alex! 🤗🛌

Funded with the support of Kickstarter and crafted by a small team of three individuals, Sweet Dreams Alex immerses us in the role of a “dream architect,” akin to Inception but with its own unique twist. 😀 In essence, the game unfolds in a top-down perspective, featuring beautiful pixel art, where we observe Alex in her bed. In the dream surroundings, shaped by Alex’s day, nightmares begin to emerge.

Once the “architecture” phase concludes, the monsters advance, taking turns moving toward the bed. Our objective during the “architecture” phase is to modify the topology of the dream locations to impede the nightmares as much as possible. Essentially, at the start of the game, the task involves placing boxes to create walls, obstacles, mazes, ensuring the path taken by the malevolent spirits is as lengthy as possible, allowing Alex to awaken before they reach her.

While it might seem simple and straightforward, fortunately, the complexity increases as the game progresses. Factors such as a limited number of blocks, various block types, benevolent spirits to guide through, switches, and faster nightmares add layers of challenge.

The progression is well-crafted, introducing new elements regularly, evolving both the gameplay and puzzle difficulty. From the outset, it’s worth noting that this is a puzzle and reflection game where one must find the optimal way to arrange the dream, often with multiple solutions available. 🙂

Beyond the “puzzle” component, the game impresses with its attention to detail, enjoyable experience, and a super satisfying sense of design. The LoFi music is tasteful and relaxing. The ultra-cute graphics, animation, and controls are top-notch. 👌 There’s even a gradually revealed story discovered by reading Alex’s diary entries with her parents.

The game exudes a delightful charm and good taste. 🤗 The development studio has been generous, offering six worlds, more than 250 levels, a level editor, and even non-essential options like giving Alex a makeover and decorating her room. It’s a mood-lifting, relaxing, and thought-provoking game. If you enjoy this genre, it’s truly fantastic! I give it 🛌🛌🛌🛌/5!

Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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