He buys a high-end processor for $9 because an ignorant salesman buried it in the garbage

A gamer recently took to social media to share an amazing tale of his luck. He could score a brand new processor for his gaming PC for a mere 9 euros. His secret? He stumbled upon a hapless seller who had made a costly mistake.

The business of his life: this video game lover tells everything on Reddit

Perhaps you are not familiar with Reddit, the social network with a little orange robot as its logo. Reddit is a massive online forum that features various communities called “subreddits.” Reddit users follow topics, unlike other social media platforms where users follow individuals. For instance, Star Wars fans can peruse the latest news, queries, humor, or stories associated with the galaxy far, far away on the Star Wars subreddit.

Reddit can turn a seemingly bizarre story into an instant sensation, propelling it to the top of the News Feed and in front of thousands or millions of viewers. One such story was posted by a user named u/awright-15 in the renowned PCmasterrace subreddit. This subreddit boasts a staggering 7.4 million members, comprising tech enthusiasts, PC gamers, and geeks. Within this community, over 7,200 individuals appreciated the aptly named u/awright-15’s amusing escapade.

The post in question is rather simple, as the user merely shared a snapshot of their latest acquisition – a robust processor they managed to procure for a mere 9 dollars. This photograph appears as the thumbnail of this article. The user, who goes by the rather unremarkable username of u/awright-15, provided a brief caption to accompany the image:

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The user’s post essentially reads, “I stumbled upon an unopened i9 processor labeled as $15, but it was on sale for $9. The product was still factory-sealed.”

An IntelCore i9 processor for… $9. More details to understand the case

The processor that the lucky PC enthusiast managed to acquire for $9 is the Intel Core i9-9900K, released in October 2018 and was the world’s best processor at that time. Although it may be perceived as outdated, it is worth noting that the i9-9900K is still considered an exceptional CPU that is sold at a premium price worldwide. In France, the best price for this powerhouse still hovers above 600$ (on Amazon), which underscores the incredible value that the user obtained for just $9.

It seems that both of these lucky gamers managed to find incredible deals by stumbling upon ignorant sellers. The story of the gamer who acquired an RTX 3080 Ti for just $18 is quite similar to this one and was also shared on Reddit recently. In both cases, it appears that the sellers were unaware of the true value of the products they were selling, which allowed these gamers to acquire high-end components for a fraction of their true worth. It is certainly a stroke of luck that many gamers can only dream of!

Indeed, stores and stalls often have bins or containers where they place items that are either broken, opened, returned, or unsold. These bins are essentially dumpsters filled with products that should have ended up in the trash, but sometimes they can contain real treasures. When a new salesperson who is not familiar with the specific products on the shelf is in charge, there is a chance that they may not recognize the true value of certain items. In such cases, it is possible for savvy shoppers to make incredible purchases that are well below market value.

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It’s great to hear that the comments section on the Reddit post has a good-natured atmosphere, with many people congratulating the lucky gamer on his incredible find. It’s also nice to hear that there are plenty of jokes and technical questions being shared in the comments section as well.

The moral of the story seems to be that when a high-tech product appears to be priced too low to be true, there are two possibilities: either the seller is being dishonest and trying to sell a faulty product for a low price, or the seller doesn’t know the true value of the product. In such situations, determining which scenario is at play can be difficult, but taking a chance might be worthwhile if you can afford it. So, the next time you’re at a flea market or a big computer store and come across a deal that seems too good to be true, it might be worth trying!


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