How to Boost Your Ebooks with Zippy’s Bionification

E-books have truly transformed my reading experience… I can carry an entire library in my pocket, purchase books directly from my Kindle, take notes, read in the dark, and so on. But did you know that it’s also possible to further enhance your digital reading experience through bionification? Yeah, it’s a weird term, but I think that’s what it’s called.

This is a new technique, inspired by research in cognitive science, which involves bolding the first letters of words to facilitate their visual recognition and speed up reading. Studies have shown that our brain doesn’t read letter by letter but rather word by word, based on its overall shape. Thus, by emphasizing the beginning of words, bionification guides the eye for a smoother and more efficient reading experience.

Of course, manually bionifying every book in your library would be a monumental task. That’s where Zippy comes in, a command-line tool developed in Python that automates the process for ePub format ebooks. With just a few lines of code, you can transform any book into a bionic version ready to be transferred to your Kindle or other e-reader.

To get started, the first step is to clone the Zippy repository from GitHub:

git clone
cd zippy

To avoid any intergalactic conflicts between Python dependencies, we’ll then create a virtual environment and install the required libraries via pip:

python -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate # On Windows, use `venv\Scripts\activate` instead
pip install -r requirements.txt

There you go, your secret laboratory is now ready to bionify on a large scale! The magic formula is as follows:

python <input_file> <output_file> [--algorithm <algorithm>]

Replace <input_file> with the path to the original ePub book and <output_file> with the name of the bionified file to generate. For example:

python "Hyperion.epub" "Hyperion_Bionic.epub"

And voila, a few nanoseconds later, you’ll get a version of your favorite science fiction book boosted with growth hormones! The default bionification algorithm, noted <default_algorithm>, determines the number of letters to bold based on word length and other criteria. But like a mad scientist, you can concoct your own formula by passing the <algorithm> parameter.

Now that you’ve mastered the power of bionification, you’ll be able to devour “Hyperion” and all the other volumes of the Endymion cycle at superluminal speeds! No more interstellar journeys that drag on, bionic books will teleport you in an instant to extraordinary universes.

Since Zippy integrates into your workflow, you can customize ebooks to your preferences before transferring them to your e-reader. Your eyes will thank you!

Naturally, as a true cyber-rebel, you can bionify all the ebooks that come your way, even those protected by abusive DRM. A little help from Calibre and DeDRM to set them free, and presto, augmented reading is yours!

By tinkering with Zippy’s code a bit, you could even imagine plenty of other optimizations to apply to your books or turn it into a plugin for Calibre. If that’s the case, let me know, I’m interested.

It’s your turn to play!

Mohamed SAKHRI
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