How to Convert Code Snippet into an Attractive Video for Social Media with prettyCode

Are you a passionate developer who enjoys sharing your expertise on social networks? Are you seeking a creative and enjoyable method to exhibit your programming skills? Today, we are thrilled to introduce prettyCode, an innovative online tool that enables you to showcase your code in a fun and imaginative manner, and the best part is it’s completely free!

Share your code in style

prettyCode is an exceptional tool that harnesses the power of the JSON2Video API to automatically generate animated videos with unique backgrounds derived from your code snippets. It supports various programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, C++, HTML, PHP, and Ruby, enabling you to format your code snippets effectively.

What sets prettyCode apart is its ability to add a personal touch to your videos. You can incorporate your name and avatar, ensuring easy identification and recognition. Additionally, prettyCode allows you to select the ideal aspect ratio for your video, accommodating popular social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

While prettyCode offers an impressive array of features, it’s worth noting that there are a few limitations. Unfortunately, importing custom backgrounds or customizing the appearance of code snippets is not currently supported. Nonetheless, prettyCode remains a valuable tool for showcasing animated and engaging code snippets.

Convert code to attractive video with prettyCode

How does prettyCode work?

Using prettyCode is incredibly straightforward. Just follow these steps to create captivating videos from your code:

  1. Visit the prettyCode website.
  2. In the provided box, either type or paste your code. Ensure that you select the appropriate programming language.
  3. If desired, personalize your video by clicking on the character icon. You can add your avatar and enter your name or nickname for easy recognition when sharing the video. Please note that these options are optional.
  4. Next, choose an animated background from the available selection.
  5. Select the desired video format: square (for Twitter and LinkedIn), vertical (for Instagram and TikTok), or horizontal (for YouTube and other websites).
  6. Finally, click the “Create your prettyCode video” button to initiate the video creation process. Please be patient, as this may take a few seconds.

Following these simple steps, you can generate engaging and visually appealing videos showcasing your code snippets using prettyCode. Enjoy the process!

✅ Once the process is complete, you only have to preview the result of the video and download it for free by clicking on the “Download video” button.


By leveraging prettyCode, you can exhibit your programming skills uniquely and enjoyably, allowing you to shine brightly on social networks. Don’t hesitate any longer, and give prettyCode a try today! You’ll be amazed by the captivating code video creations you can produce. Not only will you impress your friends and colleagues, but you may also capture the attention of potential employers, who will be astounded by your creative demonstrations. Unleash your coding prowess and let prettyCode elevate your online presence to new heights!

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