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As a regular reader of my site, you may have noticed that for several months, I have been discussing Artificial Intelligence extensively. Since my discoveries of ChatGPT and even DALL-E 2, I’ve had a lot of fun with these kinds of tools!, a Swiss company, is in the same vein and offers a fairly complete range of services. A few years ago, the tool mainly focused on helping you write content adapted to social networks (with a significant emphasis on Instagram). While the core idea remains the same today, thanks to the addition of an AI layer based on GPT-3, the field of possibilities has expanded significantly. The profession remains unchanged, but the new technology enables many more things, thanks in particular to Large Language Models (LLMs). LLMs provide a pretty cool way to create models that can learn and understand human language.

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If you are a beginner and find the idea of delving into Artificial Intelligence intimidating, don’t panic 😉 will guide you through using this new technology without requiring you to master the technical side of things. The interface is designed to be simple and intuitive.

The tool allows you, for example, to:

  • Create entire texts or posts for social networks.
  • Generate new ideas for your creations.
  • Save writing time.
  • Create engagement around your posts.
  • Carry out research for you (e.g., new trends).
  • Create visuals and use audio (Canva templates, Pexels images, etc.).

And all this without you needing to know your best prompts like the back of your hand!

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For those who don’t know yet, promptness is the set of different pieces of information that you provide to the AI to generate its response (example prompts for MidJourney). It’s a bit like searching in a traditional search engine, but with more details, specific terms, etc.

I am sure that this will soon be a real skill to demonstrate (later you will be a teleprompter, my son).

This is actually a bit of a sticking point for many: how to obtain a truly precise result when requesting it? How to personalize the response to your type of audience? What keywords or types of hooks should you use? How to differentiate the angle to approach the same problem? … With, you don’t have to ask yourself these questions; just follow the interface instructions and fill in the requested fields. AI Interface helps you from A to Z. From several models, it will find ideas for articles or social posts (stories, quotes, etc.), write the text for you, possibly add a visual… and all that in just a few seconds. All you have to do is check the results and refine your publications if necessary. You will quickly see that the level of customization is quite nice and will undoubtedly only increase in the future.

Afterwards, it’s up to you to make it your own. Some will need complete texts, while others will never want to take the risk of publishing an article generated by AI as is (SEO risks, etc.). And the tool allows you to adapt it to your limits. It can be added to one of your creations, for example, to generate posts for you on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), your newsletter, your marketing emails, a form intended to live “outside line,” etc. This will save you valuable time, which can then be spent creating even more content.

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You will also find a planning tool on the site, which will help you organize your publications, but also be notified of upcoming special days . Quite practical for giving you content ideas and getting organized. You also have “ideas box” and “quotes” sections (dozens of choices) to draw from if you don’t have inspiration. You can also brainstorm with the AI directly.

Another little extra on the site is that it regularly offers various challenges, which will help you get out of your comfort zone and learn to use technology better. You receive challenges by email to help you implement your strategy, improve engagement with your subscribers/readers, develop your audience, etc. They even have a Facebook community to exchange with other creators or ask your questions. In short, you are not abandoned to your fate, and there is a form of coaching.

Moreover, in the same spirit, you have the blog and regular videos that will allow you to follow the news, algorithm updates, etc., as well as get advice on getting the most out of your networks. There are a lot of little tricks to try and learn because, you know, these stories are all about chemistry ^^

The site offers a free trial (no need to enter your credit card) as well as pro accounts (€15/month) or accounts adapted to teams (€39/month). If you are interested in user feedback, well, it already has a very good score on Trustpilot. No reason not to try it!


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