How to Create Your Own Dino Game with Imagen AI using GenDino

Do you remember the famous Google Chrome Dino game that lets you spend hours jumping over cacti when your internet connection goes out? Well, Google has decided to spice things up with GenDino!

Thanks to the magic of Imagen AI, you can create your own version of this classic game. No longer limited to the plain old gray T-Rex, you can unleash your wild imagination! For example, I created a baby with sunglasses jumping over computers. 😉

To get started, visit and sign in with your Google account. Then, it’s your turn to play! Define your character, the obstacles they need to avoid, and even the background they’ll navigate through. You can type almost anything in the generation fields, as long as it doesn’t contain spaces or special characters. And if you’re feeling mischievous, be aware that Google will block certain celebrity and company names. If you’re out of ideas and want a bit of randomness, a “I’m Feeling Lucky” button is available at the bottom left to generate random suggestions.

Once you’ve found the perfect combination, click on “Let’s Run” and admire the result! Your custom character will animate in a cute pixel art clone of the original game. And if you don’t like the result, no worries—you can regenerate until you’re satisfied. You can even share your creations for others to try your specific version of the game.

It’s quite impressive how Imagen 2 can generate coherent sprites from simple keywords. The game uses a technique called StyleDrop, which analyzes a reference image (in this case, the original game graphics) and generates new elements in the same style. Google does warn us that there might be errors and incorrect, offensive, or inappropriate results. That’s part of the charm of AI ^^, but honestly, I tried some pretty sketchy stuff and couldn’t manage to shock it…

In short, it’s a great glimpse of what generative AI could bring to the gaming world. We can imagine tools to generate textures, 3D models, or other graphical elements consistent with the game’s style. It could also be a fantastic toy for modders wanting to create HD texture packs or other visual enhancements for their favorite games.

Unfortunately, like all good things, GenDino won’t last forever. You have until May 28th to test out this playful oddity concocted by Google.

For more information, you can check the FAQ at

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