How to Detect Fraudulent USB Flash Drives/SD Cards with ValiDrive?

You’ve purchased a multi-terabyte USB flash drive or SD card from AliExpress or Amazon, and you’re starting to doubt the storage capacity of your new toy. Indeed, a common scam among some low-end manufacturers is to sell cheap 1 or 2 TB USB sticks that are completely fraudulent. In other words, your system may recognize it as, for example, a 2TB stick, but inside, there will only be a few gigabytes of storage.

This is a significant concern because if you exceed the capacity of this key by loading it with files, without realizing it, the data will not be written at all. It is only when you need your backup or your files that you will notice the deception.

So, how do you check the actual capacity of a drive before storing all your valuable data on it?

That’s where ValiDrive comes in. This small piece of software for Windows, developed by Gibson Research Corporation, will perform random checks on the entire storage capacity of a USB drive to ensure data storage and retrieval.

Once the scan is complete, ValiDrive will display the disk access time statistics as well as the actual value of the available storage. Basically, in green, it’s valid storage (in this case, 62 GB), and in red, it’s invalid space.

In short, don’t be fooled by offers that are too tempting and storage capacities that seem too good to be true. In case of doubt, use a little shot of ValiDrive. That way, if you’ve purchased some, send them back to the sender!

Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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