How to download your videos easily on Linux with Parabolic

Ah, the Internet… This wonderful place where you can find tons of informative, entertaining, and moving videos, like on my YouTube or my TikTok. But sometimes, we would like to be able to download them to watch later, such as during transport when there is not much reception or during a break at work.

Well, my dear readers, today I will introduce you to a wonderful tool to make your life easier: Parabolic!

Parabolic is open-source software that lets you download videos from many sites, retaining metadata and subtitles. As it is a GUI for yt-dlp, you can download these videos in multiple formats such as mp4, webm, mp3, opus, flac, and wav. Best of all, it allows simultaneous downloads and respects the GNOME Code of Conduct.

Obviously, make sure you respect copyright and don’t break the rules of the relevant websites. 😗

Now let’s get down to business: how to use Parabolic? First, go to the software’s GitHub repository by clicking on this link: Parabolic GitHub.

Once you are on the GitHub page, click the Flatpak or Snap links to install the bug. Now that that’s done, it’s time to figure out how to use it.

To download a video, simply open the software and click the “Add Download” button, and Parabolic will get to work and download the video for you.

Parabolic also offers other interesting options, like choosing video quality or downloading subtitles.

So! Now, you have a powerful tool to download videos from many websites.

Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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