How to Easily Check if Your CPU Has Integrated Graphics

Intel CPUs with suffixes F or KF in their name do not have integrated graphics. For AMD, only CPUs ending with the letter G have integrated GPUs. 

Although this reasoning still holds true for Intel, it is not the case for the newer AMD APUs. All the processors from the AMD 700 series have integrated graphics. 

So, first you need to know what CPU you have. Then, you can either check the suffix (and series for AMD) or the specification page.

How to Check If Your CPU Has Integrated Graphics

For Intel Desktop Processor

The name for your Intel processor probably looks something like this, Intel Core I5 13600K. Here, the processor generation and manufacturer don’t matter.

All you need to do is take a look at the suffix. It is the letter at the end of the CPU name as shown below:

Intel I5 13th Generation Processor

In my case, the suffix is K. So, the Intel Core I5-13600K supports integrated graphics.

Note: Intel processor without any suffix also has an iGPU.

Alternatively, you can check the CPU specification to determine whether the Intel processor has an iGPU. Here is how.

Go to Intel’s official website.

1- Click on Search and type your CPU name.


Select the item on the list that matches your CPU.

Go to the Specification tab and scroll down to GPU specification. If the specs does not have it, know that your CPU doesn’t support iGPU.


For AMD Desktop Processor

For all the AMD users, the CPU name probably goes like this, Ryzen 5 5600G. Here, you need the suffix along with the series for AMD CPUs.

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Check out the figure below to determine the series and suffix for your Ryzen processor.

AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Processor

As mentioned previously, all Ryzen 7000 series CPUs have integrated GPUs in the I/O die.

For Ryzen processors other than the 7000 series, you need to check the letter at the end. Only those ending with the G are equipped with integrated graphics and are called APUs (Accelerated Processing Units).

Like in Intel, you can determine whether the AMD processor has iGPU using its specification sheet:

Head over to AMD’s official website.

Click on the search icon, type the CPU name and press Enter.


Click on the item from the list that matches your CPU.

Select Specification and search Graphics Capabilities.


CPUs without iGPU do not have a separate section named Graphics Capabilities in the specification.

For Laptop Processors

All laptop CPUs come with an integrated GPU regardless of the brand. Even if it has a dedicated graphics card, it is equipped with an integrated one for sure.

The graphical workload on laptops is divided between integrated and dedicated GPUs. The iGPU handles light tasks like displaying the overall desktop, its icons, mouse movements, etc. 

The dedicated GPU takes over when it needs to perform graphics-intensive tasks. This could be video rendering, high-resolution video editing, or frame generation in games.

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