How to export saved passwords in Firefox

If you’ve stored all your passwords in Firefox and are now considering migrating to a more robust solution like Bitwarden or Keepass, you might want to extract your passwords from Firefox. While Firefox offers the option to secure its password manager with a master password, migrating to a different platform can be challenging.

Enter Firefox Decrypt, a Python script designed to help you extract your passwords from Firefox. This script works seamlessly with the original Firefox and its derivatives like Seamonkey, Waterfox, SamanthaFox, and even Thunderbird. Naturally, you’ll need to know the master password if you’ve set one.

The script provides various output options, including console output, CSV, text file, JSON, and even a specific format for command-line password managers like ‘pass.’ Once you’ve retrieved the script from its Github repository, launching it with specific parameters will, for example, allow you to export passwords in CSV format:

python --format csv

The script searches for profiles in the profiles directory of Firefox or Thunderbird. If you’ve placed your profiles in a non-standard location, you can specify its location with the following parameter:

python /path/to/profiles/

Happy exporting to all!

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