How to export your 2FA codes from Authy with Authy Export ?

If you’re a user of Authy, the 2FA code generation application, you might have noticed that exporting and migrating data to another 2FA software isn’t always straightforward.

In general, the best practice is to keep the TOTP code or the associated QR Code so that you can import it into another application later. However, the reality is that few people actually do this. We often scan the QR Code and forget about it, only to realize the importance when we lose our phones. While Authy provides a backup on their servers, there’s no option for migration.

But fear not, I have a solution for you. It’s called Authy Export, a Python-developed software that might remind you of the old cracks from the 90s. It allows you to export all your OTP codes in an HTML file with everything you need (URL + QR Code) to be able to scan them again.

Authy: Export 2FA codes in a few clicks To use Authy Export, you’ll need the Desktop version of Authy in sync with your account and not locked by a password. Simply click on the “Click to export TOTP” button in the software and wait a few moments for the export to take place.

Of course, remember to keep this file in a secure place, preferably encrypted, to prevent unauthorized access.

There you go! I hope this little tool I made will be useful to you 🙂

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