How to improve a live sound with master_me?

Yesterday, we discussed how audio mastering is a crucial step to achieve top-quality sound, involving adjustments to frequencies, stereo effects, noise reduction, and more. However, achieving clean and optimized sound for all broadcasting systems can be a complex process.

This is where Master_me comes in – a free and open-source audio plug-in that automatically processes live audio. While it’s not designed to automate the mastering of pre-produced music (like Matchering 2), Master_me is perfect for streamers, podcasters, and online radio stations looking to enhance their live sound.

Created by Berlin engineer Klaus Scheuermann, Master_me optimizes sound in real-time, with a range of effects cloned from those used in Scheuermann’s own mastering studio in Berlin. Whether you’re looking to improve your podcast or stream, Master_me is a powerful tool for achieving professional-quality sound.

Using Master_me to enhance live sound

Master_me is available in multiple formats, including LV2, VST2, VST3, and CLAP, and can be used on Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms. It’s also compatible with standalone JACK systems and can be compiled for a variety of target platforms.

While the tool works well with OBS, it may consume too many resources on older computers, leading to performance issues over time. It’s worth testing in other tools, including live sessions with Ableton, to see how it performs in different settings.

Adjusting audio settings with Master_me

Master_me has a user-friendly interface that’s easy to learn. The “easy” mode features a minimalist graphical interface that makes the tool accessible to all content creators. By selecting a preset and adjusting the desired sound level, the plug-in will automatically optimize the sound level.

For those who want more control over the settings, the “expert” mode offers the ability to activate, adjust, or disable various effects, including a compressor, limiter, gate, EQ, leveler, and more.

It’s open source and available here .

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